Your Call Gal

Your Call Girl

“Being watched while I masturbate excites me in ways you cant imagine,” says golden-haired bombshell, Candi. “I do a lot of hot things so that my paramour gets amorous and takes notice to me. I’ll undress my alluring clothes off piece by piece. I indeed like to watch him squirm in his chair and then try to conceal his mountainous erection. It is a game we play. I adore to see just how sexy I can receive him out of touching him. I have made him cum this way, too!” confessed Candi. “One of our newest sex games involves dialing a stranger’s number and then having nasty phone sex with him whilst my lover watches me. It gets me off and suddenly I am gushing my cunt juices whilst listening to a ideal stranger wack off for me. It is even more astounding ‘coz I know how much it is exciting my partner to hear me cum for another chap! I know how much my lover can’t live with out shoes, so sometimes I will slip one off and engulf on the heel whilst he watches me rub my clit over and over and work myself into a frenzy. I adore to slap my cunt with the smutty sole of my shoe just as I am about to cum, also. The sharp sting of the shoe hitting my delicate and inflated muff flesh makes me mad. I have squirted cum all over my hose and had it drip down my arse crack previous to.”

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