You make Speak…Bared Soles

My dear stud Leg Sexers:
As I entered the bus, I wasn’t looking forward to the four-hour drive from Kansas Town to St. JOSEPH. It was already 8:00 p.m. I wouldn’t reach my destination until midnight. I could not believe my luck. About six rows back was a handsome redhead. I beelined it and took a seat next to her. Why that babe was on this bus I do not know, but I didn’t care. That babe looked to be maybe in her late twenties. As I sat down, I just now noticed that that babe was wearing a mini skirt with black
stockings. We made a little diminutive talk but I could tell she wasn’t interested. Truly, she was kind of a bitch; I was truly turned on, though. After several hours, I feigned sleep. After about 15 minutes of fake sleeping, I dropped my left hand so that it was ever-so-slightly touching the side of her haunch.

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