U make Speak…Bared Soles – Webmistress Angelina – Editorial

WAYNE was starting his 1st day at his new job. This chab was bored with his previous occupation as an accountant since he spent almost any of his time daydreaming that one day that Lothario might fulfill his fantasy to be a door-to-door ladies’ slipper salesman! That fellow had managed to amass some cash from his clients, packed his dull job in and spent the cash buying his stock-ladies slippers, in all sizes, colors, and styles.
His plan was to visit houses in the morning, hopping that the ladies who answered were single, or that their husbands had gone to work. He hoped that they would be lonely and bored housewives who would let them touch their feet. That buck would take a selection of slippers in a bag and try and talk the ladies into buying a couple. Hopefully they would let him remove their mature slippers from their feet and place the recent ones on. This chab did not really care if they indeed bought ’em. Just carrying out the act would be sufficient gratification for him!

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