For those of you who like to check out…Tessa is something to view. She throws herself her own intimate garden party and has pleasure stomping around the pool in her hot-pink stilettos with their iron, dagger-like heels. She rams those heels through some balloons as the one and the other a means of excitement and as a warning to depraved voyeurs love you: U can observe, but you more good not touch. Tessa then rubs her nylon-covered tootsies along the grass and lets the blades tickle her soles. Knowing that you probably urge to tear her impressive garments off, she gingerly tears her hose off and dances for u, all while touching the tender folds of her in nature’s garb cunt. Then that babe crawls through the grass and into the sunset…almost as if u dreamt it all. But this babe leaves you beating your unbending wang, so maybe it was a luscious fantasy after all.

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