Stocking Reveal

Stocking Show

Natalie Minx is a leg seductress. She knows you love her legs and that babe likes showing ’em to u. This statuesque black brown temptress receives off knowing that right now, u are looking at her fotos and tugging on your rod with reckless abandon. U are jacking off ‘coz she wills it, not ‘coz u do. Each stroke on your hard-on is a victory for her because during the time that this babe is unaffected by your display, this babe knows that u are hers to toy with. That babe will tease u and provoke u cuz once you’ve spilled your seed that babe has won. View the way she carefully slides on her Cuban-heeled seamed stockings. She is careful not to tear ’em or cause a run cuz she desires to look flawless; she’s your bitch hotty, after all. Do u adore what you see? Will you worship her, footboy? Will u fall to your knees in advance of her and bend your head down to her feet, silently begging her to allow you to touch her flawless French-manicured toes? Will your balls pang, heavy with the pressure of your passion when she denies you with a dismissive wave of her hand and proceeds to dress? Do not u wanna pursue those seams all the way up the length of her calf, past her knees to the downy flesh of her hips? Yeah, u do. “I know your knob is rock hard and confined in your trousers, but you better not even think of touching it,” she tells u with a sneer. “I’m putting on a brandish for you and I don’t wish you cumming, yet. Not one sticky drop! I suppose that by now, we both know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge.”

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