Sheer Pleasure

“I detected that the one and the other my soles were very sensitive when I was writing a term paper. I was absentmindedly caressing my feet together and then I started fondelling them back and forth on the cushioned rug. Previous to I knew what was happening, I was grinding my pussy on the chair I was sat on and then I was cumming in rivers all over my shorts and thighs. The larger quantity I stimulated my soles, the greater quantity I came.”

“After that, I was playing with my feet and with my wet crack nonstop. I’d detect different things to rub my soles on, from hairbrush bristles to fur pelts. The tickling sensation made me wild. It made my snatch gush and my insides churn. I not at any time thought it was outlandish, though. I always saw it as bigger amount of a raunchy perk.”

“One of my much loved things to have done to me is having my soles spanked. It may sound unconventional, but there is something about the sound and the sensation that drive me wild. I like it when a fellow tears my shoes off and then roughly squeezes my feet together. I like to be told that I am a messy whore and that I am intend to be punished. Then I like for my soles to be spanked very rigid. I like ’em to sting and turn red. The harder, the greater quantity I am creaming my briefs. One time I have been punished, I desire cum on my feet, also.”

Sheer Pleasure

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