She Likes Feet

“I have a foot fetish,” says Mia Bella, a siren who said us that that babe
likes to go and see open houses on the real estate market so that babe can
masturbate in the rooms when no one is around. “I think it’s perfectly
normal to wanna taste and touch a captivating pair of feet. But it’s
disgusting if a domina does not care for her feet. I cannot be bothered
to deal with feet that are dry, coarse and calloused. That goes for the
men in my life likewise. If you’ve disgusting feet, then I will have
nothing to do with you. It is not rigid for a skirt chaser to care for his feet.
In fact, if this chab urges to be with me and worship me, then I require each single week
pedicures from him. Or, that stud can take me to acquire my feet done and during the time that we
are there, that ladies man can have somebody work on his feet, also. If this chab can not do
that for me, then I of course cannot do anything for him and that petticoat chaser bigger in size amount astonishing
believe that I will at not time, ever joy him anew.”

She Loves Feet

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