Rubber Ball: 80 Fotos of Natalie Minx

“Do you hear that, foot-boy? That’s the sound of my latex stockings caressing jointly. They should be easy to hear from down there, where u belong, cowering at my feet. And would not you love for me to poke my latex-covered toes in your lustful, little face hole? I guess that a groveling girly ladies man like you could probably fit one as well as the other of my feet in your mouth at the same time. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? My feet stretching your face hole wide is your sickest dream, I am sure. And do not think I don’t watch u trying to rub that pathetic excuse for a meat-thermometer, cuz I do. But u more worthy not even think of cumming. Not one drop. We the one and the other know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge. Do not u think I know I can make your little meat-thermometer drizzle whenever I wish? I just don’t wish you to, yet. And do not look so avid…I may not let you cum at all.”

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