Rubber Ball: 80 Pix of Carmella Diamond

“I’m not a maid, but my paramour likes to have me suit up for him. I’ve enjoyment it ‘cuz I have to fantasize and role-play. I imagine that I am a maid at an expensive hotel and I’m cleaning a room when a strange gent appears out of nowhere and yells at me for being in his room when this chab requested no interruptions. This chab tells me to pull up my uniform and this ladies man peruses my legs and nylons. Maybe he pulls out his strapon and tells me to bend over and scratch my legs while this chab touches himself. I know it is degrading and I know what this fellow is doing is perverse, but I am so turned on by his blatantly masterful treatment of me, that I do whatsoever this chap urges me to. Even when he ejaculates on my legs and feet, I am so aroused and my wet crack is so luscious that I’m practically leaking down my legs.”

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