Swimming pool side Peds

Poolside Peds

Kimberly West is a full-time personal tutor who spent many years perfecting her tight, tone physique as a cheerleader and gymnast in her teens. When she’s not spending time with her clients in the gym, this babe loves to train at home, usually in her backyard with weights and by swimming in her pool. That is where our lens stud caught up with this leggy darksome brown after that babe contacted him to take, “Tasteful photos in a pink bathing costume,” for a fitness competition that babe was in.
“I go into bodybuilding competitions all the time and I need pictures of my physique to include with my bio. I contacted a photographer and invited him to my home to discharge me in my bikini. I have to wear a tiny bikini to flaunt off my muscles, but I know I look fine in it, too. When the photographer got a view my body this Lothario smiled. I remember that this smooth operator complimented my legs 1st. Whilst I posed for him, that man kept admiring my legs and asking me to flex and point my toes. I knew that he was turned on and that kind of turned me on, also. When this chap told me that this guy had taken all the photos I needed, I asked him if that woman chaser wanted to take some messy pictures. This buck didn’t hesitate and we had a hawt photoshoot by my pool. Nothing erotic happened between us, but we were the one and the other very horny afterward.”

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