Oh, So Lustrous!

The weather is beginning to acquire a little cooler here in Miami and all the girls in the office are scrambling to acquire use of their favorite strappy and shiny sandals in advance of it acquires also cold for us to wear everything open-toed. So, I decided to wear my beloved couple of high-heeled mules. They are to die for. I love that they are lustrous cuz they call attention to my feet when I walk around the building. (And I love that the heels are made of bronze-colored iron cuz they make a lot of noise on our tiled floor. I love the clack-clack sound they make when I walk. I always say if u are intend to wear high heels, make them count. Receive as much attention as u can.) Those shoes make the studs in the office take notice. I will be sad when I have to shelve ’em until the spring.

Oh, So Glossy!

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