Let us Play Taskmaster And Servant

Let's Play Slaver And Servant

Angelina is a bored housewife who doesn’t watch much act in her day-to-day existence. This babe craves something to break the monotony of her day and give her a little bit of excitement, which her boyfriend fails to do. So, one day, whilst she’s having her carpet cleaned, that babe catches her carpet cleaner wearing her used pantyhose. Some hotties might be alarmed by such deviant behavior, but Angelina sees it as an opportunity to explore her sexuality and do all the lewd things this babe has always wanted to try. “Let’s play slavemaster and servant,” this babe tells her concupiscent hose lad. “You cannot object to my rules, servant boy, or else,” this babe warns him. “I don’t think you can argue with that considering what you’ve been doing while you are on the clock. Not merely have you been slacking on the job, but you’ve been pilfering my under things, too. Look! U have practically ruined those nude pantyhose you are wearing, stretching them out with your larger than average 10-Pounder. I doubt I’ll be accomplished to ever wear ’em again. In fact, I suppose your behavior deserves a drubbing from me.” Pulling him over to her, Angelina puts this pervert over her knee, giving him a scarcely any whacks to his constricted backside to display him who the boss is. But the truth is that although Angelina might be in charge, her foot servant is relishing this thrashing not quite as much as she is! “Clearly you need a much more severe torture, servant!” that babe says. “Get on your knees and lick my shoes! Grovel and maybe I won’t file a complaint with your boss so you acquire fired!” When that petticoat chaser starts to lave her feet with gusto, Angelina realizes that there is no thing that babe could dictate to this hose lady-killer that would make him suffer. “I might as well relish myself, likewise,” that babe says and instructs him to rip the gusset from the pantyhose this fellow is wearing so this babe can watch his ramrod. “I crave to watch your wang, pull it out for me!” that babe demands. With his stiffy bobbing in front of her, that babe lifts her ped and touches it gingerly, eliciting a loud groan from her servant lad. She starts to fondle and stroke his girth with her toes and that gent practically loses his balance. “You desire to flaunt me what else you can do with that thing, servant”” she asks while gripping his meat in her arches. This chab is more than kooky to plough his ramrod into her already soaked snatch, and as this man thrusts his jock into her over and over, he licks her soles and suckles her toes greedily.

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