Leg Sex June 2007: 70 Images of Taylor ST. Claire

We’ve fabulous smack, dear browsers, as should be evidenced by those very early, very fun loving pics of the looker who now calls herself “Mistress Taylor St. Claire.” We purchased these pics waaaaaay back in 1995, but somehow, they slipped through the cracks for more than a decade. To our delight, our brand-new, greatly efficient archival department unearthed ’em and here they are, larger amount worthy now than they would have been 12 years agone. For today, we have a unequalled glimpse at the budding diva, her nascent skills in dominance and the sexual arts just starting to blossom. Certainly, her goddess is evident and during the time that it has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, it’s pleasant (and thrilling) to witness her fresh-faced sensuality up close and personally.

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