Leg Sex February 2008: 70 Fotos of Gemma

"It’s so priceless to be back in the States and in Leg Sex. The final time I was here and in your sexy magazine was in Dec. ’01, and I was a tad bit upset that almost any of the fellows I met in America had no clue what to do with my legs and feet. Indeed, it’s like they did not even appreciate my sweet garters and stockings, or even my cute slippers. They were obtuse, to say the least. But all of my opinions have changed since I took on a good American lover who pays tribute to my feet and legs twice a day. He’s such a thorough lover that this guy massages his sexy seed into my feet. I like to give him a treat and engulf my toes right after. I quite literally suck them dry and clean ‘cuz that smooth operator loves to look at."

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