“I take enjoyment where I identify it–and I discover it in many places.” This is brunette hair Thalia’s third appearance betwixt the pages of Leg Sex. We’ve lastly learned what others who have come into the path of this raunchy hurricane have learned–Thalia is not to be denied! “I have played u like a violin!” that babe chortles. “First, in April ’06, I let u have fotos of me, all alone. Then, in Dec. ’06, I let u see me play with my pet smooth operator, Choky. Now, I allow u into the bedroom as I initiate my latest sex-toy, Margit. This babe was a waitress in a coffee bar I just happened to visit. I knew I had to have her, and I had to dress her up in an outrageous suit and turn her into my private geisha!”

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