Leg Sex April 2008: 60 Pix of Persephone

Born to Mexican parents in California, redhead Persephone has enter her own as one of the most-notorious and popular expert dominas to date. She has worked unyielding to carve her own niche in the fetish world. “I have traveled all over the world not just as a model but likewise as a world-class bitch ARTHUR and have fans all over the planet! Almost any importantly I feel I’ve done my superlatively worthwhile to hybrid the worlds of classic glamour with edgy dominance. I mean, I may have 2″ fingernails, tattoos and piercings but I still possess the strong aura and femininity of a 1960s glamour female-dom. I have done it my way without having to conform to anyone else’s aesthetic and I’m very proud of that.”

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