LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Photos of Jenny ZACHARY

“I am bad,” dark brown Brit Jenny declares. “Bad to your boner. Which I’d like to see, incidentally. Cuz it is so diminutive, I can not tell if you’re hard through your trousers. Take it out and make it unbending for me. Hmmmm, tug it and make it greater. Watch my a-hole? I suppose it would look more attractive with a splooge of sex cream covering it, don’t you? But merely if you think you can whip up sufficient of your Lothario cream to widen on my feet a little later. I love to see a dude jerk off all over my body. If that makes me bad, so be it. I’m satisfied to be a bad, impure cutie and I wish you to be bad and ribald with me!”


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