High-Class Harlot

“When I was juvenile, I had a piano instructor who loved feet. I’d always catch him staring at my toes and it turned me on that I had this hold over him. I began to come to practice in sandals so I could remove them for him.”

“I’d remove my shoes and start rubbing the piano pedals with my stripped feet. I knew he loved to view that and his trousers would strain to contain his mammoth hard-on. Soon I became ballsy enough to toss off the pedals with the one and the other feet mimicking a foot job and I’d smile at the sharp intake of breath that signaled to me that this fellow had cum in his pants. We at no time commented about what was happening between us but we continued our sexual piano lessons for years. I’d practice and at lesson’s end, I would jerk the pedals rock hard.”

“After my lessons, I’d go home and masturbate thinking about the possibility that one day this chab might lose his nifty and fuck me on the piano bench. This chab not at all did and we eventually parted ways, but until today, I can not play a piano without becoming so horny that I must play with my gushing cum-hole and then cum all over the subrigid, wooden piano bench.”

High-Class Harlot

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