Heel Boy: 80 Images of Dede Lopez

“Do u like my furry boots? They keep my glamorous legs wonderful and toasty, but don’t be fooled…my heart is made of ice. That is supposed to mean I have no use for u other than to be my carnal bondman. Have you been a worthwhile boy this year, or have u been a wicked pig? I guess you’ve been a little of the one and the other so I’ve decided to punish you first and then, perhaps, I’ll give u a little award. I want u to get valuable and stiff. Touch your 10-Pounder right now u filthy beast! Priceless. That feels worthwhile doesn’t it? Now I crave you to sit on your hands and look at me. You cannot touch your pecker again. If u do, I will come over there and trample it. This is about my gratification, not yours. Look at as I pose and prance and then rip the gusset with out my tights and plunder and ravish my constricted slit with this mountainous plastic strapon. I must shag myself with this fake penis ‘coz obviously you can’t satisfy me the way I need to be pleasured. If you
follow all my instructions, then once I am done soaking these used hose with my musky juices, I am intend to come over there and shove ’em in your throat and let u keep ’em. Isn’t that worthwhile of me? That’s right, it’s. Perky Christmas you sniveling little boy.”

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