Givin' U Wood!

Today, whilst making my rounds in our studio, I bumped into Helen, one of our most-important people here in the office. Helen is executive assistant to our chief, ALEXANDER Fox, and she’s always leaking around, making sure that anything, all over the office is operating smoothly. You can imagine that a cutie who is always on the go get to wear some comfortable shoes, but Helen is quite the fashionista and always has on fierce footwear. Today was no exception. I caught up with Helen and literally chased her around the building, snapping shots of her when she took a minute to sign something or pick up a package. I felt like a shoe paparazzi. Helen was cheerful to pose, and even bent over and snatched her ankles on the SCOREtv set so that that babe could give you a glimpse of her multi-colored nails.

Givin' You Wood!

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