Flexing These Toes

“There is no thing like stretching my lengthy legs out until I can’t go
anymore and then relaxing ’em,” says statuesque Lacey. “I like to
stretch repeatedly ‘cuz the tightening and then relaxing of my leg
muscles makes me very wanton. In fact, just flexing and unflexing my legs
over and over can take me to a state of climax. It’s not a whole
release, but it is not quite there, which leaves my twat ready for
penetration. Do you urge to come over and do yoga with me sometime? I
promise that I will let you take me right on the floor at the end of our
session. I might even rub my obscene little socks on your face so u can
breathe my scent in while your strapon pierces me.”

Flexing Those Toes

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