Dirty, Lustful Behavior

Angelina is a bored housewife who doesn’t watch much action in her day-to-day existence. That babe craves something to break the monotony of her day and give her a little bit of excitement, which her boyfriend fails to do. So, one day, whilst she’s having her carpet cleaned, this babe catches her carpet cleaner wearing her used tights. Some women might be alarmed by such behavior but Angelina sees it as an opportunity to explore her sexuality and do all the slutty things that babe has always wanted to try. The carpet cleaner is more than cheerful to be used and abused by Angelina, even when she rips the pantyhose apart and forces him to smell her well-worn shoes. Perverted opportunities like these solely come around once in a lifetime and these two make sure to relish it for all it is worth.

Dirty, Lewd Behavior

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