Smutty Dancer

Dirty Dancer

“When I first decided to pursue stripping professionally, I was not aware of how sore and taut my legs would become. I’d spend hours soaking in salts and sexy water, trying to figure out the aches,” told redheaded ballerina, Ami. “Then my dance partner offered to help stretch my legs one night. That buck positioned me on the floor and began to pull and poke my legs into severe stretches. It felt so valuable! The feeling was so intense that I nearly orgasmed. My arousal did not go unnoticed by my boyfriend, who pulled my legs apart in a scissor stretch and held my legs open.The longer and harder that that smooth operator poked my legs apart, the more my damp cookie throbbed. In a short time I was bucking and writhing beneath the pressure of his hands on my constricted calves. Then I was moaning and pawing at my ballet tights, looking for some type of release. Eventually my shaky hand discovered my love tunnel and began masturbating right in front of him. When he released me from the stretch, it was so that his sexually excited face hole could come down and cup the mound of my cookie. He breathed warm air on my like button throughout my ballet tights and began to lave at my core through the fine mesh. I started rubbing my vagina on his mouth and face faster and faster, and I locked my lengthy legs behind his head, groaning his name. Then I came and my entire body shuddered in bliss.”

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