Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

When SCORE‘s President saw Annina for the 1st time, his mind traveled to the early 1990s, when the magazine was born. Back then, that smooth operator had in mind his vision of the flawless SCORE Girl: This babe would be impossibly slender and impossibly ultra-stacked. The goddess of every boob lover’s dream. The beauty this smooth operator had in mind was a lot love Annina.

Annina traveled to The Bahamas for a series of solo and hardcore shoots after this babe toured the SCORE offices and met the workers. It was the solely time she filmed outdoors of her native Germany. Annina was born for porn. “I love to view myself having sex. And I’ve a waterbed. Having sex on a waterbed is tons of enjoyment. I’ve mirrors in my bedroom”

“In Germany, they will say, ‘Oooh, what is that? Her love bubbles are so bigger in size than standard! Oh, silicone.’ They do not like it, lots of people,” Annina said. “But it’s a matter of joke because I don’t have a problem collision lads, so there is likewise a different side. In Germany, it’s a little unlike here. In the YOU.S., guys adore big funbags and chicks wanna have ’em. In Germany, not so much as here. Maybe they are jealous. I donot know, but I can not worry about it. I love my big funbags and my body, and many men like ’em, also.”

“When I go out, I wear hot outfit. Constricted tops. Little shorts. I love to wear jeans, taut tops and, an absolute acquire to, high heels. You know, fuck-me pumps? Almost any of the time, I wear very little clothes or bikinis and high heels. U know, I actually do not wear a lot of sexy outfit. No Lothario wants to watch me costume in evening gowns.”

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