Can I Get A Ride?

The introduction to Mia Bella‘s movie is classic Leg Sex…a close-up of sexy legs in purple high heels strutting along the street. Mia wheels a suitcase behind her. She stops to feel her shapely legs. They’re beginning to pang from walking in these colorful spike heels. Mia‘s not having a valuable day. Her ride has not appeared and she’s had to heel it. Her shoe irritates her and in frustration, that babe flings it. It bops the head of Jarrod, who’s innocently by his parked car. That ladies man is already a head case and this makes it worse. This ladies man suggests to give Mia a ride if she’ll ice his injured skull. They wind up at his place where that babe gives him an eyeful of her sleek gams. Now hooked, this gent manages to give Mia a foot rubdown. Mia is smokin’, with pierced teats and big hoop doxy earrings. Give a foot and he’ll take a mile, so previous to lengthy they’re naked on the ottoman. Mia shags his hardening cock with her squishy, pink arches. She’s got some experience rogering with her feet as that babe receives into some really hot and sexually excited poses, giving him full access to her wet crack whilst she treats him to her foot-jerk talents. Mia acquires hungry for schvanz and sucks on his knob, spitting on the shaft as her head bobs up and down. It’s time to screw, the Leg Sex way. It was worth the heel upside his head.

Can I Receive A Ride?

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