Office Foot Copulate

Office Foot Fuck

Nothing exciting ever happens at Brandon Jes’s office. She excuses herself to the restroom frequently to break up the monotony of the day. She pulls her pantyhose down and up so often she has to buy fresh ones weekly ‘coz they receive so stretched. This day, as the pantyhose are wrapped around her ankles and this babe is inspecting herself in the mirror, that babe receives the excitement this babe so desperately craves. A hand darts out from below the stall, exciting her undergarments and pulling her close to the wall. It’s a man’s hand, and it’s roughly working its way up her haunch. Her shock and fear give way to lust as that babe realizes that her snatch has flooded from passion and juices are flowing down her long, toned legs. That babe sits down on the tile floor and slips her lower body below the stall divider. Soon two jean-clad legs come below to her side and that babe sends her feet str8 to where that babe knows a hard ramrod will be resting. As this babe massages this mysterious man’s 10-Pounder with the soles of her stockinged feet, the hands return to begin massaging her clitoris. Although she cant watch this lady-killer and he cant watch her, they work each other’s body as if they had done it for years. Her hose ripped, her slit overflowing with lube and her feet now wrapped around a titanic jock, that babe knows exactly what she wants. That babe stands, walks around the stall and demands that her cunt be filled. This chab rips what tatters of the tights still remain and slides his 10-Pounder into her capitulating twat. As they fuck in the ladies washroom at work all this babe can think about is ending this encounter just as they had begun, with her toes working the tip of his monumental 10-Pounder. That babe lies down on the cold floor, her feet in the air, waiting for the hot load from this mystery gent who relieved her of one more boring day at the office.

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