Walk All Over U

Walk All Over You

“I adore my guys on the floor so that I can tower over ’em and slip and knead my flawless feet all over them. Although I do suggest them my services as a masseur and they savour the ministrations of my dexterous toes, it is actually all about the fun of having ’em moaning and sighing underneath me. My favourite part of massaging my paramours? Walking all over ’em with my stockinged peds, certainly. The feeling that I receive when I use them as my floor during the time that I grind ’em into the ground is the almost all worthy aphrodisiac for me. I feel like I am bigger in size than life and that they are lowly and insignificant. I at no time hurt them, but I think that being sauntered all over is just a tad bit demeaning and that’s what makes it so precious for me. I am not averse to treating my men just a little bit like filth.”

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