Bared Soles 1207 – Editorial – Shy Leg Boy

I can not tell u my name ‘cuz I promised not to, but I can say that I’m a 20-year-old, single, and currently unemployed. I live in a petite city where everyone knows everybody else. If anyone found out about the fact that I love legs as much as I do, well, it would be all over this dunky city in a heartbeat. I don’t wanna be considered the town freak. People don’t have leg fetishes here. At least not like I do. I know that I am glamorous much the odd buck out.
But sufficient about this stinking city. Let us talk about the unsurpassable thing ever. To me, the sexiest part of a woman’s body are her legs and her tight, round a-hole. Whenever I watch a dominatrix with long, thick, toned legs, my ramrod acquires unyielding instantly and starts palpitating and then I have to masturbate as soon as I can.

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