Kitty Langdon – Kitty and Natalie Receive Hawt and Steamy In The Motel

Kitty and Natalie Get Hot and Steamy In The Motel

Kitty and Natalie Receive Hot and Steamy In The Motel

We do not know how these 2 babes came to identify each other in a motel room, and we don’t care to know. Why spoil a nice mystery, especially when hawt, lesbo, leg-centric sex is anxious? We watch Kitty Langdon first, who’s obviously in heat, her body glistening as she cuddles herself, showing off to her androgynous paramour Natalie Minxxx. Silent and commanding, Natalie snaps her fingers to bring Kitty over and on her knees, blowing smoke in her face in advance of teasing her with her hands and mouth. Their tongues dance together for a bit to entice u. Wouldn’t u wish their tongues around your penis? Natalie whips out her strap-on ramrod and watches Kitty suck it in some of the most erotic foreplay ever on It gets even hotter the more turned-on they the one and the other receive, Natalie lap dancing off her top to expose her swollen zeppelins popping with out her corset and then losing herself in Kitty’s well-toned, nylon-covered legs. The temperature just keeps rising in this scene, and we know your cock will rise even further.

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Kitty Langdon – Amorous Sirens Have A Intimate Party

Excited Sirens Have A Private Party

Horny Sirens Have A Intimate Party

Kitty and Natalie had been eyeing every other at a party. Natalie thought Kitty was super hot and had breathtaking legs. Throughout the night, she wondered what it would be like to widen these stems apart and receive a taste of Kitty’s honey bunny. Kitty, meanwhile, had noticed Natalie as well. This babe had a thing for androgynous chicks who looked just as sexy in force suits as they did in sexy underware. This babe could tell Natalie would definitely take control if she merely got close sufficient. Natalie ducked into a private room in the party, and Kitty couldn’t assist but pursue. When this babe saw that babe had company, Natalie asked Kitty to turn around so this babe could get a precious watch her wazoo and legs.

“What do u think?” Kitty asked her. Natalie took a puff from her cigarette and blew it toward Kitty.

“I think I’m about to make you mine,” she said, tilting her head up.

“Now take up with the tongue my shoes, my glamourous recent fuck toy,” this babe commanded. Kitty obeyed, feeling her pussy moisten as she knelt down to do as that babe was said. The two got even hornier after that, becoming a tangled mess of limbs, Natalie revealing a strap-on and a hawt corset under her masculine garb and Kitty exotic dancing off her form-fitting dress to flaunt her epic boobs. If you wanna know how it ends, you’ll just must scroll down.

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