Hitomi – Oriental Leg Female

Oriental Leg Lady

Asian Leg Mistress

Almost any of Hitomi’s fans notice her bust 1st, but you, sly browser, are not the usual fan. Your eyes may pause momentarily on the all-natural J-cup wobblers that pendulously hang from her juvenile, supple body, but your eyes are wanderers and there’s merely one place for rest: those hot legs. That is why we dressed up the world-famous Japanese glamour model in beautiful undergarments that accentuate her true assets. These succulent and silky-smooth gams look flawless encased in nylons. And her stiletto mary jane shoes are a ideal mix of nasty and priceless. So here she’s, posing just for u and your leg-lusting peers. Please prepare your pecker for a fitting tribute to the epic body of Hitomi, Japanese superstar.

Hitomi is of archetypal height for a Japanese female-dominator, but she’s tall this day because of the sky-scraping heels she’s got underfoot. Dripping from her soft heels upwards, we watch her seductive stockings imploring u to like her legs.

Hitomi shared with us that she is at not time given a foot-job, but she’d be willing to try. She told that boys mostly just crave to copulate and cum on her large boobs, and during the time that that’s pleasure, she’d adore other parts of her body (like her legs and feet) worshiped as well. This babe says her feet and toes are very sensitive, and that babe enjoys having them sucked on and pampered.

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Tiffany Smokes – Chill out and Pamper

Chill out and Pamper

Relax and Pamper

“I adore to relax and pamper myself,” says Tiffany Smokes as this babe disrobes off her robe to disclose thick, nude legs. “Nothing feels more nice than a wonderful, hawt baths and massaging my feet with some slick lotion. It turns me on when I can feel the warm water streaming over my legs and hips. And after my fleshly baths, I use my fingers to apply luxuriant lotion and rub in-between my toes, stretching ’em wide. The wider the gap betwixt my toes, the hornier I become. I commence thinking about a knob stretching them apart and it makes me touch myself nearly immediately.” Well there is nothing incorrect with that!

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Goldie Ray – Pin-Up Puts Out

Pin-Up Puts Out

Pin-Up Puts Out

Part of being a fine model is having fun. And part of being a worthwhile photographer is getting the adult model to chuckle and unwind. Goldie and Juan were a match made in heaven in this regard. They were having so much joy during their discharge that they decided to take it from PG to XXX!

After having her like button licked and her bigger than run of the mill bra-busters played with, Goldie wanted to go a little further. She told us afterwards, “This set wasn’t supposed to be hardcore, but I could not aid myself. I felt so hot in those nylons and garters. I was done up like a pin-up adult model, and that apparently worked for the photographer ‘cuz he couldn’t keep his hands off my legs and wazoo! I got the impression that his interest was not indeed in my pussy, so I let his fingers wander a bit. It felt so worthwhile when his digit slid into my arsehole, I started groaning just now. There is one rule on-set at a pictorial, the photographer knows foremost! So, with that in mind, I let him copulate my gazoo with his immense cock.”

‘cuz Goldie is a leg and foot fetishist herself, this babe demanded that the cameraman cum all over her nylons. “I like when fellows pay attention to my feet. It feels so fleshly and raunchy. When this fellow was cumming on the balls of my feet I could feel each thick rope land. And I did not urge to waste it, so I licked my heels clean.”

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Sydney Silver – Foot Fanatic

Foot Fanatic

Foot Fanatic

Ever wanted to meet a cutie into feet as much as u are? Well, wait no more. Sydney Silver can’t live with out feet. Hers in special. She rubs them, massages them and lotions them, all during the time that that babe fingers herself. She’s so into her size 8’s that just leaking her hands over her soles excites her. That babe groans as this babe slides her fingers throughout her toes and moans as she jacks her foot as if it were a big weenie. This little female appreciates peds as much as you do. So what are you waiting for? Drop your pants and brandish Sydney you love her feet, too.

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Charlee Search – Red Party Line

Red Party Line

Red Party Line

Charlee is the spruce office assistant you wish you had.
She can’t live out of coming to work dressed in taut hot garments and dainty sandals. Her attitude tells you she’s merely interested in business–and that business is sex. Worthy luck concentrating on these reports as this babe widens her legs and brandishes off these sheer stockings.

When this beauty is tasked with a project at work that babe acquires on top of it. Literally, she gets on her desk and rubs one out.
“I’ve masturbated at work in advance of. I like dressing up in really classically sexy clothing: garters, heels, stockings and lacey bras and briefs. I know everybody in the office is looking at me, wanting to run their hands all over my body. I’ll slip my fingers over my smooth legs, up to my hairless slit. It receives me so damp that eventually I’ll must rub my clitoris and finger myself until I cum. I’m very discreet about it, but it gets me off knowing that I’m so close to everybody else in the office and they have no clue!”

Charlee doesn’t hide anything; that babe is been known to put on a unveil, likewise.
“I’ve gone on dates with some men from the office. No thing serious. It is just fun-loving pleasure. I don’t want a relationship with any of ’em. Sometimes when the boss steps out for a minute I’ll get their attention and do smth hawt. I’ve taken off my pantyhose and thongs previous to and held them up for the boys to watch. And my prefered is calling them up on the phone and talking obscene.”

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Kirra Lynne – Hands Off

Hands Off

Hands Off

Ah, juvenile love. It is a magical thing, full of the flitting and fluttering of emotions and the quick rush of silly excitement. No thing exudes more heat than 2 juvenile paramours lost in experimentation and giving in to their newfound craving. Kirra is a sinless cheerleader who doesn’t know much about sex, but she knows that she harbors secret urges that she’s afraid to share. In a bold and brash move, she asks her boyfriend to smell and lave her toes and when this chab does that babe becomes lewd and wild, giving him her cherry and her feet to cum on.

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Kirra Lynne – Training Her Recent Man

Training Her Fresh Woman chaser

Training Her Fresh Guy

Kirra’s fresh husband doesn’t know the drill yet. That Lothario thinks just cuz he showed up to her house he’d receive some cookie. Wrong. Moreover being an all-state cheerleader, Kirra Lynne is too a long-legged headmistress with a serious need for foot enjoyment!

This babe starts training her recent ped-pumper by having him peel off her fragrant socks, unleashing the enchanting aromatic Health Lap dancing club scents she’s been adding to all day. One time that lubes up her slick twat folds, she begins to disrobe for him, revealing her moist body. When she’s sure he’s nice and rock hard, that babe starts kneading his package through his jeans with her silky soft peds.

You know there is plenty more sexy haunch worshipping, cum-hole pounding, and foot cumshots ahead, but we’ll let u check out that for yourself.

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Candace Cage – Smells Love Candy

Smells Like Candy

Smells Like Candy

Candace shared an interesting tidbit with us during the time that in our studio. That babe thought we were plan to chuckle or judge her. In reality, we thought it was sexy! “Ever since I can remember I loved the smell and smack of my own body: my fur pie, my hair and even my feet. I started licking with tongue my own toes, and I’d have licked my twat if I could have. Then about a year agone I had a three-way with my ultimate friend and a Lothario. It was the first time I went down on another beauty. I realized it was just as charming as I thought it might be. I even licked her feet!”

Now Candace can’t get enough of gals or feet. “I’ve hooked up with all my girlfriends. Likewise, every time I am with a boy there is lots of foot-foreplay. We go back and forth teasing every other’s arches and heels with kisses. I like when licks start at my heel and work upwards.”

One thing Candace has not ever accustomed is a lad cumming on her feet. “I’ve thought about it, but the boyz I am with appear to be to find it unconventional. When I’m giving a oral sex I’ll just gulp, but I’m indeed thinking about how it would feel if those hot spurts of jism were falling on the wrinkles on my soles. I want to rub my feet together, or up my calves and thighs, fondelling the warm cum into my skin and betwixt my toes. I’m starting to receive succulent just thinking about doing it!”

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Tia Sweets – Striped Seduction

Striped Seduction

Striped Seduction

Tia tantalizes your jock in her striped nylons that hug her curvacious thighs and leave her toes undressed for languid toe-sucking. This hawt, little thing loves to take her shoes off and engulf on the stilettos just coz this babe knows u are watching. Tia is the queen of tanalise and this babe will work her soles and her dunky piggies until this babe is sure u are all worked up. Then it’s time for the main event as this babe bows over and exposes her pert butt and then sucks on her sexually excited toes. Mouthing on her digits takes her over the edge and pretty soon this babe is banging her caramel bawdy cleft with a vibrator and then sliding that jism in-between her arches and begging for you to cum on her soles. Who are you to deny her your seed? Kick off stroking now!

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