Jade, Rod Fontana

Jade is a rather saucy amateur that is sporting a great, firm body, jumbo natural breasts, and the almost any flawless legs in all of porn. And at the end of her legs are her best feature – her feet. Rod Fontana fucking can’t live out of all sorts of feet, and that woman chaser makes sure that Jade’s feet are intend to get a hell of a workout. This buck starts off by probing those feet and admiring her legs, but pretty soon enough he’s moving on to the footjob. She goes pumping wild for that, working her soles and toes up and down his meat-thermometer and making sure that he is gonna cock juice.

Bailey Brooks – Check In, Receive Off

Check In, Receive Off

Check In, Get Off

Perspired and feverish, one lady-killer lays prone on a motel bed as one more gropes the stockinged dish in his lap. They look at the wanton heap on the couch and laughingly suggest that perhaps Bailey, the deviant dame in this scenario, should engulf the poison from his body via his wang. That babe is sexually excited about the idea. A chance for a seedy romp with 2 men in a motel in the middle of nowhere. This is the ram of her most-erotic dreams. This babe crawls all over him during the time that her other admirer gropes her shoes and licks her heels. What happens next is a sordid three-way filled with foot sucking and fucking and two creamy loads of hawt cum all over Bailey’s feet. The almost all deviant things happen in old motels… especially the Motel Voyeur.

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Veronica Jett, Rod Fontana

There are some places that are just perfect for scoping out the majority perfect feet – and the beach is one of ’em. Just think about it, everyone is going barefoot or wearing sandals, and almost all of the time you’ll likewise be competent to admire the rest of the leg if you’re a leg buck likewise. Dick Fontana knows that this buck is gonna be enjoying himself immensely, and this chab too knows that that chap is getting Veronica Jett to come on by and deliver him a footjob that he’s never gonna forget. This charmer begins her off with tons of toe tongueing.

Bailey Brooks – Motel Voyeur

Motel Voyeur

Motel Voyeur

When Bailey Brooks checked into the infamous Motel Voyeur she knew that it was the place to look at and be viewed by the most passionate of leg lovers and foot fuckers around. So it is no mystery how she identified herself in a torrid three-way with those two misfits. In fact, when Bailey happened upon ’em, J-Mac was delusional with a fever and that babe sat back and viewed the sweat coat his body whilst she smoked, resting for the task of curing his ailment by milking his turgid schlong all over her warm peds. Something about having two bucks at once appealed to Bailey’s ego and acquire to be worshipped at all times. She just now let both fellows jack off her sensitive soles with their hands and tongues so that she could become succulent and willing to accept ’em into her core. Knowing that there were loads of tribute to come, that babe kept her seamed nylons on. That babe wanted ’em coated in cum so that this babe could smell them later and touch herself to the memory of the one and the other of her lovers roughly groping her willing body.

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Cherry Lane, Rod Fontana, Burke

When pretty young diva Cherry Lane turns up at the studio, porn boyz Ramrod Fontana and Burke are more interested in her feet than in her fun bags and cooter! Schlong instructs Cherry to stick her feet up on top of the desk, and he lovingly admires them. Both Wang and Burke take a turn at licking with tongue Cherry’s feet, making her laugh as their tongues slide up and down her soles and betwixt her toes. Burke likewise licks Cherry’s cooter briefly and then sticks his penis inside her, doing her on top of the desk with his heavy hard shaft. However, this scene is mostly focused on foot fetish, and Burke sprays Cherry’s feet with a overweight load of man cream at the end of the clip.

Anna Dlega, Rod Fontana

When sexy brunette Anna goes to watch doctor Dick Fontana, that babe of course gets an unexpected surprise! The doctor tells her to disrobe and to fib in nature’s garb underneath the blanket; this chab wraps a blood pressure monitor around her legs. However, this messy doctor is more interested in Anna’s feet than in her general health! Anna moans softly as Weenie lovingly takes one of her feet in has hand and licks it, savouring the taste of the space in between the toes. 10-Pounder likewise licks Anna’s cum-hole, and then that smooth operator lies on the bed with her whilst that babe jerks his hard meat-thermometer with the soles of her feet. It’s not long before Penis’s spurting cumload is gushing all over Anna.

Victory Phoenix, Burke

Vicious foot fetishist Burke can’t live with out a girl’s feet, especially when they are pretty and a little bit stinky! This woman chaser sneaks into the back room at the disrobe club, surprising this voluptuous darksome exotic dancer as she changes with out her high heels after her shift is over. He picks up one of her feet, sniffing the toes and the soles lovingly, his shaft just now growing subrigid. That lady-killer slips his pole in to the stripper’s cooche, continuing to take up with the tongue and suck on her toes, giving her unexpected enjoyment by doing so. That dude pumps her in missionary and doggy over the counter, finally ejaculating onto the tops of her feet so the sperm dribbles down onto the floor.

Harley Rains, Dino Bravo

Greater than average Breasted darksome brown fuck slut Harley Rains requires to try smth new in the sack. Her Lothario Dino Bravo convinces her to try her hand at foot fetishism! Dino is well known as a foot lover and this chab has been secretly coveting Harley’s nice-looking feet for quite some time. Now that chap gets his opportunity to worship them! Harley is a truly marvelous starlet with great enormous milk shakes, but Dino ignores all of her traditional assets in favor of those glamorous toes. That babe giggles as that buck lovingly tongues her feet, sending an electric thrill up and down her spine every time he tickles the soles. Harley takes Dino’s dickhead in her face hole and then returns to the footjob.

Diva Devine, Burke

It is one more quiet day at the club with scarcely any customers and even fewer tips. Hawt dark exotic dancer Diva Devine dances on stage in a rather lackluster manner and then heads back to the dressing room, depressed. Her feet are killing her, so that babe pulls off her enormous high heels and starts to rub-down her poor tootsies. She’s surprised as the door swings open – it’s one of the members of the audience, middle-aged charmer Burke. That skirt chaser wordlessly pulls off his shirt and starts to lick on those toes, telling the beautiful cutie to kick off to jerk him with her feet and holding out a ten dollar bill. One time he’s hard, that charmer bends her over her stool and does her.

Sandy Summers, Johnny Cobalt

Centerfold Johnny Cobalt is a true foot fetishist! Even though his doxy, remarkably big busted and alluring blond diva Sandy Summers, has got an astonishing set of juggs, that woman chaser absolutely ignores them in favor of her charming feet. Sandy does have some incredibly captivating feet and toes, however, perfectly shaped with velvety, soft skin. Johnny licks between the toes and then enjoys Sandy’s lips around his tool, and that babe lubricate the shaft for the footjob to come. Sandy has obviously serviced a man with her feet in advance of, taking the shlong betwixt her soles in advance of that babe rolls over onto her belly, expertly using her toes to acquire her Lothario off.

Jayden Pierson – Let Me Aid You With Your Shoes

Let Me Assist You With Your Shoes

Let Me Assist You With Your Shoes

“It’s funny how opportunities arise when u least await ’em. I was hauling a bunch of my shoes out in a bag so I could donate ’em to a charity when the bag broke open and my shoes came tumbling out all over the sidewalk. But then, my neighbor stepped in to rescue me and helped me carry everything back inside. Curiously, this chab seemed truly interested in my shoes. And that is when I knew that this chab was being more than just helpful…that lewd pervert wanted to stick his rod in my shoes and my snatch. I let him come on to me. After all, I like it when dudes play with the bottoms of my feet. They’re truly sensitive. And cum always makes ’em feel so soft and silky smooth. So u see, opportunity came knocking and I opened the door and my bawdy cleft for it. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the recent wang!”

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