Tessa West – Legs-A-Poppin’



For those of you who like to check out…Tessa is something to view. She throws herself her own intimate garden party and has pleasure stomping around the pool in her hot-pink stilettos with their iron, dagger-like heels. She rams those heels through some balloons as the one and the other a means of excitement and as a warning to depraved voyeurs love you: U can observe, but you more good not touch. Tessa then rubs her nylon-covered tootsies along the grass and lets the blades tickle her soles. Knowing that you probably urge to tear her impressive garments off, she gingerly tears her hose off and dances for u, all while touching the tender folds of her in nature’s garb cunt. Then that babe crawls through the grass and into the sunset…almost as if u dreamt it all. But this babe leaves you beating your unbending wang, so maybe it was a luscious fantasy after all.

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Tessa West – Foot Fetish Newbie

Foot Fetish Newbie

Foot Fetish Newbie

“I am fresh to this entire leg fetish thing, but I like it. I cant receive sufficient of all the recent sensations I’m feeling. I not at any time used to wear hose until I went shopping with this ally of a friend who is a big-time pantyhose wench. That babe was the one who said me that masturbating with a couple of tights on was very intense and kinky and that I would cum so hard that I’d be converted. I was skeptical, but open-minded, so I bought my 1st couple and went home to touch myself throughout the nylon. Needless to say, I wore those tights and myself out. The sensation of the mesh on my clit was so intense that I came and came until my legs cramped up. I have been a tights freak since. Since my awaking to all things leg and foot, I have had 3 paramours who have been into feet. I don’t think I could ever have sex with anybody who isn’t into peds from now on. There is something about a charmer who is willing to kneel at your feet and serve u that’s so sultry and sexy. And I like letting dudes copulate my feet. I adore to check out their rock hard ramrods sliding in and out of my foot-pussy while their strong hands pull and hold my feet together.”

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Yevonne Ryder – Study My Legs

Study My Legs

Study My Legs

Yevonne is having a study date with some allies. Everything is going well until that babe takes off her shoes and the smell of her feet offends one of her classmates. However the lad in the group loves her stinky feet. This Lothario sniffs, gropes and licks her peds. It turns Yevonne on so much that this babe takes off her hawt clothes and rubs his hard weenie with her soles. His foreskin slips around his shaft by the ministrations of her toes. They go on to screw with the smell of Yevonne’s feet filling the air. This toned ravisher gets on top for a cock-ride with her legs splayed open, then gets her tribute all over the top of her glamorous, pedicured feet.

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Yevonne Ryder – The Smell of Lust

The Smell of Lust

The Smell of Lust

“I knew my spouse was the one for me coz the smell of my feet turned him on. Normally I am marvelous self-conscious about my BO around boys, but I do not need to be with him. I remember once when we 1st started seeing every other I told him I wanted to take a shower first, but this chab said me not to. That stud said this chap loves the smell of a domina, then went straight for my feet and started inhaling and licking between my toes. What followed was the superlatively valuable sex I ever had.”

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Kitty Wildwood – HERE, KITTY!



Kitty WIldwood knows how to excite you. She starts by showing u what u adore to watch most: her nylon-covered peds. We see her red toenails peeking through the sheer white material and this babe cuddles her feet, ankles and legs in advance of you even have to watch the rest of this sexy mastix. To acquire your weenie a little harder, she lets out several pants and moans-prelude to the rest of the movie scene. So what are you envisaging for? Press the play button, bring out your ramrod, and get ready to blow!

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Kitty Wildwood – Headline: Kitty Gets Obscene

Headline: Kitty Gets Obscene

Headline: Kitty Acquires Messy

Kitty Wildwood’s as brazen as they come. This leggy dame loves to invite boys over to tanalise and seduce them with her stems and peds. This time around, that babe is got on a red costume that hugs her delicate curves and agreeable, white hose we’re lewd to watch more of. That babe bends over this way and that, enticing us with views of her firm, little butt and a gusset that is the only thing standing between us and her bawdy cleft. That babe too can’t live with out to display off her feet, and we can see her red toenails peeking out throughout the stockings. Charming in a short time, she’s getting turned-on herself and resolves to rip open the feet of her hose to reveal her skinny feet–what a treat! This babe even coats ’em in chocolate, smashing a bon bon below her soles and between her lower digits. Do not u urge a taste?

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Natalie Minx – Kitty and Natalie Receive Hawt and Steamy In The Motel

Kitty and Natalie Get Sexy and Steamy In The Motel

Kitty and Natalie Get Hawt and Steamy In The Motel

We do not know how those two vixens came to discover each other in a motel room, and we don’t care to know. Why spoil a precious mystery, especially when hawt, lesbo, leg-centric sex is anxious? We watch Kitty Langdon first, who’s obviously in heat, her body glistening as she fondles herself, showing off to her androgynous paramour Natalie Minxxx. Silent and commanding, Natalie snaps her fingers to bring Kitty over and on her knees, blowing smoke in her face previous to teasing her with her hands and throat. Their tongues dance jointly for a bit to entice you. Wouldn’t u urge their tongues around your shlong? Natalie whips out her strap-on pecker and watches Kitty engulf it in some of the most carnal foreplay ever on LegSex.com. It receives even hotter the more turned-on they one as well as the other receive, Natalie lap dancing off her top to disclose her swollen bazookas popping out of her corset and then losing herself in Kitty’s well-toned, nylon-covered legs. The temperature just keeps rising in this scene, and we know your cock will rise even further than that.

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Natalie Minx – Randy Sirens Have A Intimate Party

Sexually excited Sirens Have A Private Party

Horny Sirens Have A Private Party

Kitty and Natalie had been eyeing each other at a party. Natalie thought Kitty was super hot and had extraordinary legs. Throughout the night, that babe wondered what it would be like to widen those stems apart and acquire a taste of Kitty’s sweetheart. Kitty, meanwhile, had noticed Natalie as well. This babe had a thing for androgynous honey bunnys who looked just as sexy in vigour suits as they did in hot underware. That babe could tell Natalie would definitely take control if she only got close sufficient. Natalie ducked into a intimate room in the party, and Kitty couldn’t assist but pursue. When this babe saw that babe had company, Natalie asked Kitty to turn around so that babe could acquire a good look at her butt and legs.

“What do u think?” Kitty asked her. Natalie took a puff from her cigarette and blew it toward Kitty.

“I think I’m about to make u mine,” that babe said, tilting her head up.

“Now take up with the tongue my shoes, my fetching fresh fuck toy,” she commanded. Kitty obeyed, feeling her fur pie moisten as this babe knelt down to do as this babe was said. The two got even hornier after that, becoming a tangled mess of limbs, Natalie revealing a strap-on and a hot corset beneath her masculine garb and Kitty exotic dancing off her form-fitting dress to flaunt her epic mellons. If u wanna know how it ends, you’ll just receive to scroll down.

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Claudia Downs – Expecting On Her Foot Fetish Bondman

Contemplating On Her Foot Fetish Thrall

Waiting On Her Foot Fetish Slave

We first see Claudia getting all gussied up in darksome pantyhose, sexy heels with rhinestones, a dark-skinned corset top and a red wig. We don’t know what we’re in for yet, but it’s obvious that babe is looking hotter than ever. Then we realize this babe is been preparing for an carnal rendezvous with a woman chaser who will please her cookie and her peds the way this babe likes. “Enter,” this babe commands from across the room, patiently awaiting her bondman.

Her recent shag toy comes over and starts to rub-down her legs and feet. We can only imagine how cushioned and smooth her legs feel with those hot nylons wrapped around ’em. He gets down on the floor to engulf her delicious peds as she rubs her clitoris throughout a hole in her gusset. By now, u need to have a furious hard-on, just adore her serf, but await…it receives more magnificant.

Claudia’s not the sort not to return a favor. That babe quickly starts gobbling down on this stud’s big cock, making all kinds of hot, sloppy sounds with her slutty throat, rubbing her legs whilst this babe continues to suck. This babe groans in ecstasy cuz this babe likes to engulf dick to acquire herself succulent for the impending copulate. Moments later, you and her thrall are the one and the other rewarded as that babe gasps for air whilst getting her alluring love tunnel and dark hole pounded unyielding and fast. If you haven’t started stroking off, don’t worry, Claudia now gives you permission.

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