Krista Kaslo – Tigress On The Prowl

Tigress On The Prowl

Tigress On The Prowl

“I am a woman with a hunger for excitement and gratification,” says brunette hair gal, Krista Kaslo. “Because I am sexually aggressive, I am love a tigress, stalking my next meal. That means that I don’t sit around and wait for the males I wanna come to me. That means that I put on my shortest skirt and my greatest stilettos and I go hunting for the perfect prey. This time around, it just so happened to be one of our warehouse staff who I have been watching for weeks. I have always had a fantasy about having sex in a grimy warehouse and this was the flawless opportunity to pounce. So, I gave a wonderful watch my long, naked legs and then my fetching naked marangos and when this lady-killer fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot. His rod in my bawdy cleft and my feet in his mouth satiated my appetite…for now.”

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Melody Jordan – Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer

Statuesque Melody Jordan has been working out her legs and booty for as long as she can remember. “I started ballet and jazz dance when I was really juvenile and I even got my BFA in dance! When I am not posing for magazines and movie, I adore to stay fit by practicing pilates or doing some exotic dancing in a class or at a club,” she tells us. Looking at her firm, round booty and the sheer musculature of her calves and haunches, her efforts have certainly paid off.

We love Melody for more than just her shapely legs. She too knows how to tap into our shoe fantasies. “I always feel supplementary hawt in high heels,” that babe says. “I have a closet-full of them. I like to grasp onto the heels when I’m getting rogered, and I love studs to lick them, likewise. My favorite is when a charmer will let me lightly cram the heel against his nuts while he jacks off. They always look so vulnerable adore that. It gets me so sexy!”

Too on Melody’s list of turn-ons is women’s assholes. “I like touching with tongue a girl’s chocolate hole. Watching ’em writhe in passion during the time that I tongue-fuck their little brown eyes makes me practically cum without even touching myself. There is no thing sexier than that!”

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Brandon Jes – The Girl Can’t live without Her Shoes

The Goddess Can’t live without Her Shoes

The Cutie Likes Her Shoes

Even the toughest dominant diva cant do the job all on her own. Not without the assist of a trusty pair of cock-stomping heels. Look at Brandon Jes as this babe tries on several pairs of pumps and stilletos. You’ll urge her to walk all over u with her nylon-covered feet and pointy heels. If you are as naughty as this babe loves, and you engulf her toes sufficient to make her slit juicy, then ped paradise awaits u. That’s where this lad is when Brandon wraps her feet and her mouth around his pulsating meat-thermometer and then bonks him adore a sex-toy.

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Kalee Hunter – Sudsy Stems

Sudsy Stems

Sudsy Stems

Cleanliness is next to godliness according to Southern sweetie Kalee Hunter. She works stiff to keep her household looking spick-and-span, but sometimes even she’s gotta trick herself into tidying up. That’s why that babe can’t live without to keep house in no thing more than a undergarment and knickers. She’ll go around dusting this, scrubbing that; and when she is smutty sufficient, that babe gives herself a wonderful, erotic scrub down.

Kalee usually starts with her feet since they receive dirtiest. She’ll lather ’em up and dip ’em in a tub full of soapy water. When she’s done, she likes to grasp a big sponge, letting the warm, sudsy water drip down and coat her legs. Feeling the warm water so close to her love tunnel usually makes her lustful though, so she loves to scrub her clitoris and love tunnel next. Kalee always awards herself with a scarcely any orgasms on the clean floor.

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Audrey Maxx – Hands-On Lesson

Hands-On Lesson

Hands-On Lesson

Ms. Maxx is a concupiscent science teacher who spends lots of hands-on time getting her lesson plans together. That babe is teaching her class about anatomy, so when the bell rings, she explores her own. Beginning with her peds, this babe works off her stockings and then starts fondelling her wet crack. It is a good thing that school is out for the day cuz this retro honey bunny works herself over right on her desk! If u spent your school days gazing at your teacher’s stockings and garter thongs, then Ms. Maxx is guaranteed to aid you cum. It is effortless to be sexy for teacher when this babe looks this sexy!

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Goldie Ray – Champagne Dame

Champagne Dame

Champagne Dame

Strikingly pretty Goldie Ray knows how to live life. “I love to celebrate daily ’cause you don’t know when your time will be up!” she says, splashing some bubbly on her muff and peds. With EE-cup mangos and lengthy, buxom legs, Goldie has not at all had trouble finding a dude to satiate her erotic appetite. “I one time drilled a stud in a taxi in Budapest. Someday I wanna receive ravished on the hillside of an Italian winery!”

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Natalie Minx – Seductress Minx

Seductress Minx

Seductress Minx

Natalie Minx isn’t your traditional nylon-wearing seductress. This tattooed sex kitten acquires off on squeezing her lengthy legs into skin-tight latex. Observe her lube up her toes and gams as this babe works her way into a couple of slick, dark latex stockings. One time her stilettos are on and her pussy’s moist she is ready to dominate your furious erection. Natalie’s brown eyes pierce yours with authoritative mirth as this babe permeates her twat and licks her toes. Resistance is futile.

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Natalie Minx – Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball

“Do u hear that, foot-boy? That’s the sound of my latex stockings rubbing together. They should be effortless to hear from down there, where u belong, cowering at my feet. And would not you like for me to push my latex-covered toes in your lewd, little throat? I suppose that a groveling girly boy love u could probably fit the one and the other of my feet in your mouth at the same time. You’d adore that, wouldn’t u? My feet stretching your throat wide is your sickest dream, I’m sure. And do not think I do not watch u trying to rub that pathetic excuse for a schlong, cuz I do. But u more nice not even think of cumming. Not one drop. We the one and the other know the rules, and they clearly put me in charge. Do not you think I know I can make your little ramrod drizzle whenever I want? I just don’t crave u to, yet. And don’t look so crazy…I may not let you cum at all.”

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Brenda James – MILF on Top


MILF on Top

Brenda likes to be on top. That is why that babe chose to buy an apartment on the 25th floor of a high rise condo. “I love to look out the window at all the small people walking around on the street. It reminds me of when I look down at guys kissing my feet. I spent my younger years serving a gent in an unhappy marriage, and I vowed to at not time do that again. Now I’m happily divorced and savouring a number of young, attentive guys who adore it when I wrap my feet around their dongs and tell them what to do.”

Brenda too loves her hoisery. From stockings and garters to tights, she likes it all. But this babe says that fishnet is her much loved. “Some people say a woman my age shouldn’t wear fishnet nylons, but I completely disagree. No thing makes me feel sexier than a couple of fishnets. I love trickling my fingers down my legs and feeling the texture. I like that my legs are covered, but I can still feel the breeze on my skin. Whenever you see me wearing fishnets, u know that I am in a frisky mood and ready to be naughty.”

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Natasha Ola – Toes For Breakfast

Toes For Breakfast

Toes For Breakfast

Natasha is a cougar with taut, toned legs and a very nasty disposition. So when her son’s friend comes over to borrow some equipment, that babe makes sure to lure him into the kitchen with the promise of a bewitching breakfast of pancakes. What this chab doesn’t know is that this babe will be pouring the syrup for said pancakes down her legs, over her toes and into his mouth. Sounds like a sticky situation, but this youthful charmer has quite the appetite and eats the pancakes and syrup. He licks the plate and licks Natasha clean, too. When that babe takes him on the kitchen counter u can tell that this is not the first guy she has enticed in her kitchen.

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