Margarita Rose – Blushing Rose

Blushing Rose

Blushing Rose

Margarita Rose is a spicy, diminutive Lalin girl (She’s solely 5′ tall!) who sports a size six and loves slavery play. Here we watch this caramel kink-queen in lace-up, red sandals and naked legs. “I like sandals that lace up the calf ‘cuz I adore the pressure of the laces on my legs. I usually tie ’em extra-tight so that the laces mark my legs up. It stings a little, but ache is joy for me. I’m looking for a fellow who understands that and can squeeze my feet jointly and hold them tightly while this chab bonks them with his hardon.” View as this little siren in scarlet underware masturbates during the time that playing with her feet. You will be cheerful that u did.

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Angelica – Foot Baths

Foot Washroom

Foot Bath

Angelica Meow takes her feet seriously. Her soles are sensitive and can only be cared for by the most valuable of pedicure technicians, and that is who this babe demands be sent to her. This dude arrives late and tries to appease the demanding diva by fondelling her feet, but it is not sufficient. That babe instructs him to suck her toes, and he does so with pleasure. She rewards him by using her toes to play with his testicles. After stroking his 10-Pounder with her tender peds, that babe allows his 10-Pounder entry into her taut fuckhole.

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Angelica – Pink Toes

Pink Toes

Pink Toes

Fiery redheaded Angelica calls a heel lad over so that this ladies man can give her pampered peds a proper pedicure. But that man makes a very calculated mistake and arrives late. Why? Coz this chab revels in the scolding and berating that Angelica gives him while this chab hunkers on the floor at her feet. During the time that Angelica belittles him, he handles her feet, mouthing her shoes and her toes. Eventually this woman chaser wins her over, and she allows him access to her wet twat. The lesson of the story is that if u start at the bottom, you have nowhere to go but up, my pets.

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Claudia Downs – Red Sexy Heel

Red Hot Heel

Red Hawt Heel

Claudia understands the art of anticipation and teasing. She knows the longer you await, the harder u will shag her. That’s why she is prepared to touch, take up with the tongue and tongue her feet and shoes for hours, whilst that babe talks dirty to u and encourages u to fun yourself. This babe gives you a reveal, sliding her lengthy, red stiletto heel in and out of her slit and then in and out of her mouth. Then this babe receives so turned on that that babe shags her feet with her heel and cums all over her hands. Then that babe smears her cum all over her toes and sucks her fingers dry. This female is one of a kind.

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Chloe Chanel – Everything To Please Her Customers

Everything To Please Her Customers

Anything To Please Her Customers

Got a kink in your back? Slaver masseuse Chloe has just what u need: a couple of velvety, manicured peds kneading all that stress out of you. Her heels will dig into your muscles whilst her toes tug at your flesh. It might hurt a little, but in that admirable way. And just as she’s a professional at releasing all that tension in your back, Chloe too knows how to relieve the tension boiling in your balls with one of her top-notch foot jobs. By now you’ve figured that a session with Chloe is more than just a regular massage, it is a foot-fucking, cock-sucking, pussy-pounding experience.

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Chloe Chanel – Working Out The Kinks

Working Out The Kinks

Working Out The Kinks

Imagine that you hire a competent masseuse to work out the kinks in your back, but instead of kneading and massaging, this babe gets on her back and tells you to be as perverted as you’d adore. That’s what happens when Chloe, the priceless masseuse that she’s, gives this boy a back rub and then rubs one out with her feet. What begins off as an virginal meeting turns into an illicit affair. If only all professionals worked love this, the world would be a fetching place for ped-lovers adore us.

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