Kiki Marie – You Asked For This

U Asked For This

You Asked For This

Kiki Marie has a collection of males that keep her in pretty dresses, expensive stockings and her favorite, gorgeous shoes. In return, she helps them live out their fantasies. This lover wanted to be blindfolded and seduced, and Kiki was more than cheerful to oblige. U see, Kiki adores her lovers’ tribute being splattered all over her pantyhosed peds. Feeling the warm gush through the admirable mesh makes her feel appealing and deviant and lets her know that she’s being appreciated.

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Kiki Marie – Entreat For It Slave Boy!

Supplicate For It Thrall Lad!

Beg For It Serf Gent!

“Rich dudes hire me to trample them and teach ’em a lesson, and I’m perfectly pleased to do so ‘cuz I adore to make ’em grovel a bit,” says Kiki Marie. “I especially like to blindfold them and make ’em rely on their other senses to experience fun. They might not be competent to watch me, but they can smell my nylon-covered feet when I rub them all over their faces. They can taste my musky toes when I push them in their face holes. And they can feel and hear the mesh stretch and give when they rake their nails on my legs. There’s nothing adore impaling myself on my lovers’ turgid schlongs and riding ’em when they can’t see me. It is very empowering. Only several studs get the chance to check out me. I’m a dominatrix and not just any oaf can see my looker.”

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Max Mikita – Disrobe club Leg Hottie

Club Leg Honey bunny

Strip Lap dancing club Leg Vixen

Gracious and amorous Max Mikita is a dancer at an upscale disrobe club that caters to guys with specific tastes. She dances for dudes who love feet. That babe understands their needs. That is why that babe keeps her peds perfectly pedicured and her pussy overspread in a full bush, coz this babe knows that they love to bury their cocks in betwixt her fur-covered lips. That babe always had dreams of being rogered onstage, so when this gentleman books her intimate room, she takes the opportunity to engulf his turgid penis in her mouth and supplicate him to slip it in her ass. Observe her receive pummeled in her tight, little dark-skinned hole and then have her feet coated in this patron’s gooey tribute.

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Max Mikita – Sex In The VIP Room

Sex In The VIP Room

Sex In The VIP Room

“When I dance, it’s not the cash that motivates me. It is the attention that I receive from the chaps who come and observe me shake and sway. I adore that they are 100% wrapped up in watching my body and that they are aroused by what they see. Every now and then I will get a patron who can’t avoid staring at my legs and I’ll know right away that he’s one of these special dudes who desire to touch my legs and feet and cover them in cum. I treat those customers to a fine time and let ’em ravish me from the waist down in the VIP room. One time they have had their fill of my legs, I bend over and spread my ass cheeks so that they can fill my constricted arsehole with their cocks, too. My feet might give them joy, but nothing gives me enjoyment like having a hard penis slide into my backside.”

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Berlin – White Stockings

White Nylons

White Stockings

“You know I’m a real stocking and leg fetishist. I completely adore my lengthy, handsome legs, and I love when they’re worshipped by little boyz adore you. I like it. Get a worthy look. Receive a wonderful, admirable watch those toes. And u know what? That is as close as you are plan to acquire to ’em. Here are the rules: You need to touch yourself. Do u understand? I urge u to touch yourself like you are home alone. U got it? And your eyes are going to stay on me. Do u understand? But I want you on the other side of the room. I do not want your immodest, little hands on me. No I don’t. I can take care of myself. Thanks so much. But I do love a voyeur…just do not get also close, I would loathe to need to hurt you.”

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Berlin – Tights Brute

Hose Beast

Hose Beast

“I watch you looking at me and I desire you to know that I dressed this way just for u,” says fetish glamour model, Berlin. “I crave you to relish my lacey thigh-highs and my corset, ‘coz when I put them on, it’s with u in mind. When I lick my legs and touch myself, I do it for your pleasure. When I suggest you my toes and spread them wide, it’s coz you love that. Nothing gives me more enjoyment than making u feel 100% proud, because I know I am the object of your affection, and that makes me desire to work harder to please u.”

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Nikki Sexton – Acquire On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

Receive On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

Get On Your Knees And Crawl To Me

“I’m intend to put on a little flaunt for u with my marvelous stockings and some baby oil. View closely as I cosset the heel of my shoe and wank my constricted fur pie, all while touching with tongue my knees and thighs. You want more, do not u, you immodest, little pig? Receive on your knees and crawl to me. Lay on the floor and look up at me as I cum. Then, when I’m finished, you can give me your tribute. But not a moment in advance of. If you spill one drop in advance of, you’ll pay! I will trample your sorry excuse for a pecker with my shoes.”

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Nikki Sexton – All Dressed Up…

All Clothed Up…

All Dressed Up...

Nikki Sexton is a tiny thing, standing solely 5’4″ and weighing merely 100 pounds. But what she lacks in height, she makes up for in sexuality. This babe can’t live without to suit up in frilly things and silky nylons just to be watched by a pair of amorous eyes. “The more a woman chaser becomes wanton when I am prancing around for him, the hotter I get. I suppose it’s the idea of being wanted in such a primal way that does it for me,” says the diminutive brunette hair. “I will play costume up for my lovers a few times a week. I like to tantalize ’em and then, just when they think it can’t get any more priceless, I adore to put my feet in their laps and curl my toes around their hard-ons. The look of want and lust in their faces is enough to make my twat ball cream.”

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