Rubber Ball: 75 Photos of Tiffany Lynn

Rubber Ball: 75 Fotos of Tiffany Lynn

“I love to costume up and play,” says thick-legged Tiffany Lynn. “Today, I am plan to pretend that I’m the Lady of Darkness and I am intend to castigate u. I am plan to snare you in my web, tie you up and poke my smelly, stocking-covered toes in your throat. I may even rub ’em all over u face ‘cuz you’re such a bawdy, little pig. You are getting unyielding just thinking about smelling my feet, aren’t you? Of course u are, u seedy deviant. Do not you dare touch that ribald thing. Do not u dare try and rub it so it feels worthy. You are being punished and I call the shots!”

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Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Photos of Alisa

Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Pix of Alisa

“Every year the workers plans an office party for the boss’s birthday. But that chap knows that the real party starts when everyone’s gone,” says blonde bombshell Alisa. “I’m his afterhours birthday present and this chab likes to unwrap me with his throat. His prefered thing is to bend me over his desk and take up with the tongue me from my ankles to my internal haunches. Sometimes this buck asks me to rub lotion all over my legs and then he loves to slide his hardness betwixt my calves until he squirts hawt ball batter all over me. Afterwards, we clean up and then action as if nothing ever happened until the next year. It is our immodest little secret.”

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Busty brunette with sweet feet

She comes wearing sexy red shoes and her painted
toenails peep out just to tanalize u. There’s some magic in those skinny feet and
soon one fortunate boy is gonna feel these magic feet strock his wang. When you
see what Renata has expecting for you then you’ll wanna feel those feet stroking
your meat-thermometer also.

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Bitches N Hose – Nautica


I’ll admit, my fetishes doesn’t just avoid at stockings. Nothing looks greater quantity amazing than a wench wearing nylons and underware. It just drives me wild. I NATHAN’t know why chicks aren’t always wearing underware and nylons – the world would be a lot better of a place. Today, we’ve Nautica in a naughty black and pink corset and sheer black stockings. I wanna just jump up on the daybed and acquire myself behind her. I wanna pound her taut legal age teenager love tunnel as she wraps her stocking overspread legs around me.

But for now, I’m gonna have to settle for the pics and episodes of Nautica at Bimbos N Pantyhose. Not that it’s such a bad thing. Doxies N Hose is the number one stocking fetish web page with thousands of high resolution fotos and literally hours and full-length videos to savour. It’s always the first stop for me in the morning when I wake up and at night in advance of I go to sleep if u know what I mean.

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Video Shorts: 20:48 Minute Video of Kitty Wildwood

Video Shorts: 20:48 Minute Video of Kitty Wildwood

Ms. Kitty Wildwood loves old Hallow’s Eve and this year she’s dressing up as a female-dominant of the evening for u. In fact, whilst everybody else is out dressed up for fun, Ms. Wildwood wishes to receive dressed up for role-playing. Perhaps u could meet her in a dark-skinned alleyway and proposition her for some intimate attention. She comes along, willing to perform favors for u and she is coming prepared. Not merely will that babe ply you with her charms, but that babe has candy, and craves u to check out as she crushes chocolate covered cherries with her heels and feet. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? For every glamourous trick she performs with her feet, this harlot deserves a worthy treat…which this babe will receive when you bring your lips to her soles and clean them off, with your tongue.

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Toe Jam: 80 Photos of Isabella

Toe Jam: 80 Pix of Isabella

“I love my legs,” says spicy Latin chick, Isabella. “Sometimes I have fantasies about plenty of dudes rubbing my legs at once. Some of them are tongueing my toes and some of them are biting my legs, but all of ’em are on their knees and worshiping me. One of them even eats me out, but throughout some hose. I like the idea of pantyhose because I feel in nature’s garb, but I’m still covered up. Like they can’t acquire all of me throughout that barrier. It is very erotic.”

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Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Photos of Anita

Leg Sex October 2007: 70 Pics of Anita

Statuesque Anita merely went out with her coworker BEN coz she knew he had a furious foot fetish. She’d caught him looking at her legs and feet at work and knew that it would solely be a matter of time in advance of she had him on all fours, paying homage to her lengthy gams. When HAROLD took her home, that babe made it quite clear that the night was far from over when that babe demanded that this chab lick her shoes right then and there. BOBBY looked shocked, but his bulging hard-on gave him away for the ped perv this fellow was.

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Bitches N Hose – Lily


Lads, meet Lily. Lily is a stunning brunette teen who was kind enough to send us some photos her and her spouse took. If you couldn’t tell, Lily loves the color blue. That babe’s wearig a blue lace undergarment, matching knicker and my beloved sheer blue nylons. I’ll admit, there’s some other color I wanted to see from Lily, I couldn’t await to see her pink.

Lily says she wears stockings and hose all the time. Her allies think it’s a little atypical cuz it makes her look so dressed up, but the boyz definitely adore it. Before they used to just stare at her bosoms, now this babe says they still stare at her tits but they also admire her legs. The chaps are always trying to feel her legs and sometimes that babe’ll let them. Feeling their hands on her legs makes her sooooo damp.

See all of Lily’s pix inside Strumpets N Pantyhose this day. Observe as Lily reveals all of her tight legal age teenager body. And Lily is just one of the many hotty’s in stockings and hose u can savour at Whores N Hose. The website features numerous thousands pics and hours of clips for you to have pleasure. Receive instant access right now.

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Bitches N Hose – Jaime


Just wanted to let u know that Jaime has been a really bad gal. Having found out how her boss has a monumental foot and leg fetish this babe has been actually turning it on. Not solely is that babe giving nip slides and upskirt peeks. She just lately found out that new cameras have been installed in her office and the fotos are being posted at a website called Strumpets N Tights. Now every time this babe’s in her office this babe can not resist the crave to brandish off even more of her goodies, it’s driving her boss crazy and that truly turns her on. I asked her boss about her, and this smooth operator told me that babe gave him the best nylon stocking footjob that that ladies man has ever received. That woman chaser said it was, "Absolutely unbelievable" and that wasn’t actually even giving her enough credit. That stud also told this babe has the almost all outstanding vagina that lady-killer’s ever petted. I’ve been her boss’s assistent for quite a while now. And after seeing Jaime at the Bimbos N Tights website, it’s "rock hard" for me to even receive the word "howdy" out when I pass her in the hall!

Fortunate for all of us the smooth operator leaking Harlots N Hose has a fetish for anything about feet and legs. He has helped Jaime’s boss to receive her on the web resource.
Jaime said this babe can not, and wont prevent posing until the whole world has watched her feet and legs in her hot office stockings.

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Video Shorts: 14:51 Minute Video of Genie Onyx

Movie scene Shorts: 14:51 Minute Clip of Genie Onyx

What a little fuck-doll Genie Onyx is! She’s a little pixie at only 4’10” tall so this babe wears big shag shoes to compensate. But look beyond her height and notice how buxom and defined her sexy legs are. She have to spend hours keeping them in consummate shape. That babe has the legs of a ballerina. In this movie, Genie flaunts off her pins for the Leg Sex digi camera, tightening each muscle so you can study them. That babe removes her do-me shoes and brandishes her small, charming feet. How many boyz have doused her precious peds with their ball-batter? “A lot!” says Genie. “My boyfriends have spent hours on my legs and feet. They like to suck and take up with the tongue my toes and they always ask me to walk back and forth in high-heels during the time that they lay back and play with their ramrods. ‘coz I am so short and light, almost any of them can pick me up and have sex with me in the majority thrilling poses!”

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Heel Boy: 80 Photos of Genie Onyx

Heel Boy: 80 Images of Genie Onyx

You would at no time guess from staring at her long and sculpted legs that Genie Onyx isn’t everything but a female-dominant who would gladly tower over you and trample your knob. However, this sweetheart with toned gams is merely 4’10”. “Good things come in slight packages,” says Genie. “I know I am diminutive, but I pack quite a punch and I have been known to dominate guys who are 3 feet taller than me. It’s not the size of the female, but rather what she’s capable of. I guess I am very domineering and I have enjoyment putting naughty boys in their place.”

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