Hose Beast: 70 Photos of Mya

Pantyhose Beast: 70 Fotos of Mya

Good day to u my sweet leg and toe worshippers. Feast your eyes on this full and ripe dish who looks like forbidden fruit rather than the dainty gardener she would lead you to make almost certainly of she is. Mya was indeed coy about showing her gams to you, so get on your knees and pay homage to her, you dogs! It’s only a matter of time in advance of this soaked female comes into her own. Until then, u cum for her.


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LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Photos of Vendela

LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Pictures of Vendela

“I was an ugly child,” says statuesque Vendela. “And my classmates, particularly the beauties, were quite heartless to me. At 17, I left home and fled to Paris, where I rapidly came into my own. There, beneath the tutelage of the underground transvestite and shelady community, I learned the wiles of womanhood. And I’ve been putting my lessons to very nice use against those who grievously wronged me in the past.”


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LEG SEX April 2007: 66 Photos of Sarah

LEG SEX April 2007: 66 Images of Sarah

“I cultivate my image as a spruce lady who loves the finer things in life,” flaunts slinky Sarah. “But I’ve a secret, subversive streak that I let out in little waves. Like my love of fishnets. I can wear them to the superlatively precious restaurants or poshest hotels, and they won’t look with out place. But they signify that inside me, envisaging to pounce, is a tigress who will take your cash, your heart, and make u spill your seed before leaving you broke, spent, but cheerful. How about you? Would you like to be my sugar daddy? My cash bondman? My sniveling little cum puppy?”


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Video Shorts: 12:37 Minute Video of Sydney Silver

Episode Shorts: 12:37 Minute Video of Sydney Silver

Ever wanted to meet a CHAD into feet as much as you are? Well, await no bigger quantity. Sydney Silver loves feet. Hers in specific. This babe rubs ’em, massages them and lotions ’em, all while that babe fingers herself. She’s so into her size 8’s that just trickling her hands over her soles excites her. She groans as this babe slips her fingers through her toes and groans as she jacks her foot love it was a big jock. This little woman appreciate peds as much as u do. So what are you awaiting for? Drop your trousers and brandish Sydney u love her feet, also.


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LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Photos of Loni

LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Pictures of Loni

“I like being skinny,” says little Loni in a stern tone that breaks no disagreement. “People think I am a push-over, but I am not. Fellows think I’m so delightful, they can do what they wanna me. Not correct, again! I call all the shots, mister, and you better get used to it right now. I one time had a boss who thought this charmer could sexually harass me. U do not wanna know what I made him do after-hours. I kept the surveillance tape as insurance!”


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LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Photos of Jenny James

LEG SEX April 2007: 70 Photos of Jenny ZACHARY

“I am bad,” dark brown Brit Jenny declares. “Bad to your boner. Which I’d like to see, incidentally. Cuz it is so diminutive, I can not tell if you’re hard through your trousers. Take it out and make it unbending for me. Hmmmm, tug it and make it greater. Watch my a-hole? I suppose it would look more attractive with a splooge of sex cream covering it, don’t you? But merely if you think you can whip up sufficient of your Lothario cream to widen on my feet a little later. I love to see a dude jerk off all over my body. If that makes me bad, so be it. I’m satisfied to be a bad, impure cutie and I wish you to be bad and ribald with me!”


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Pic-toe-rials – Toe Jam: 70 Photos of Catalina

Pic-toe-rials – Toe Jam: 70 Photos of Catalina

“I’ve always had large legs and they have always made the males I meet barmy,” says Catalina of her toned, humongous haunches. “I one time dated a smooth operator who wanted me to crush his face with my calves and thighs during foreplay. Sometimes he’d ask me to rub greasy oil on ’em 1st, and then lock his face in there. It was perverted, but I liked it. Do you desire me to crush you with my haunches?” We make almost certainly of the answer to that’s nice-looking obvious!


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Video Short: 12:45 Minute Video of Samantha steele

Movie scene Short: 12:45 Minute Video of Samantha steele

Cum observe Samantha Steele put on a leg flaunt that will blow your load! This voluptuous chick showcases her legs in the intimate setting of her bathroom, then this babe shaves for your fun. If watching her care for her stems isn’t sufficient, that babe does a amorous, toe-wiggling masturbation brandish that will have you begging for compassion. Samantha Steele will turn your schlong to metallic. It’s that facile.


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LegSex April 2007: 70 Photos of Destiny

LegSex April 2007: 70 Pix of Destiny

Dance captain Drifter thought he was auditioning a push-over when lithe Destiny St. Claire walked into his studio. Little did he know, in this scene from Leg Sex Diaries, that this agreeable little slut would pretty soon be calling the shots. U watch, no one pokes Miss St. Claire around. However, she is easily aroused, and it’s not too difficult to receive her to play–just so long as u realize you play by her rules.


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Video Shorts: 12:42 Minute Video of Leena Lane

Movie scene Shorts: 12:42 Minute Movie scene of Leena Lane

All precious gals get their nylons rammed with goodies, and no one knows that better than Leena Lane. This babe displays you her handsome legs and spanks herself for precious measure. She prances and preens in her sheer and shiny tights in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can look at her suck her toes. It’s a very merry time with leggy Leena and this babe wishes to make sure that when u check out her, it is not a lump of coal in your pocket that is causing the bulge in your trousers.


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Pic-toe-rials – Hose Beast: 70 Photos of Satine Phoenix

Pic-toe-rials – Pantyhose Beast: 70 Pictures of Satine Phoenix

Satine Phoenix is the sort of maid that makes u wanna sleep with the help. This babe will fluff your pillows and run her feather duster all over your body, but only if you promise to do a little role playing with her. “I love getting kidnapped. I love being duct taped. I love swinging and being perverted with other swingers. The larger quantity the merrier! “With these credentials, Ms. Phoenix may not leave your home spotless, but that babe will definitely clean out your pipes!


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