Leg Sex December 2006 – 60 images of Veronika

“I like sex but I like making bucks do what I wish more. And I like getting presents bigger in size quantity, also. So, in advance of you take your wang without your pants, take out your wallet. My shopping sprees aren’t cheap, and if u insist on getting your smooth operator spunk all over my panties and socks all the time, you’re plan to must replace them. No, I don’t care if u keep ’em once you have soiled them. I know you are just dying to go home and smell my love tunnel and feet on the cotton, then JOHNNY off all over afresh. Actually, I could care less. As long as u make me happy-and that is supposed to mean alluring, carrying and paying for me-then u can do whateva. As long as u don’t bother me at practice, that is.”

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 65 images of Thalia

Choky, so crazy to please, worships her legs, feet and booty. Thalia chuckles to see how defenseless he’s when this babe takes his rod in her mouth. It amuses her when his legs buckle with wish. But she sternly directs him to receive a hold of himself, as she’s in the mood for some rigid, rock hard ramrod plunging in and out of her snatch. At first, Choky whines that this stud will not be skillful to copulate her on the ironing board. “Figure it out,” Thalia snaps, fingering her love button. This chab does, and that babe gets the violent fucking she needs. As a reward, that babe lets Choky screw her nice-looking feet and cum all over her toes.

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Video Shorts – Nadia St Marie- Nadia’s Surprise

Slender seductress Nadia draws u into her raunchy web. Care to get caught up in her enchanting trap?

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Toe Jam – Jessica

Spend a day at the beach with leggy Jessica, who tells me that she by no means used to touch herself “down there,” but once that babe started, this babe became “addicted to cumming!” So, now we all have smth in common with her!

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 75 images of Luscious Lopez

e sinfully hot Luscious Lopez made her Leg Sex debut in the Aug. ’06 edition. Since then, that babe is had some of the sexiest anal and leg sex on record in the fresh DVD, Latin Legs. Do not believe us? Take a look at this lasciviously wanton female right here. The solely thing hotter than jacking to these pics of Wet giving this woman chaser the screw of his life is seeing her do it on film. Her screams of passion-in English and in Spanish-are the erotic moanings of a woman who gives herself up to her majority base wants. And Succulent is a mastix who urges to take you with her on her carnal ride.

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Video Shorts – Jade Leshay – All Her Senses

Youthful Miss Leshay is already a full-blown sensualist. Just view how that babe engages her hearing, sight, touch, smack and smell in look for of enjoyment!

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Panty Pudding – Ashlynn Brooke

Pretty brazen Ashlynn too has an neverseen LegSex.com clip you can check out! But previous to you rush off to watch it, enjoy her recent, young legs in second-skin tights!

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 70 images of Laylee

“I have a preference for group action,” says lithe Layley in a matter-of-fact tone. “But solely when all the members of the group are concentrating on me! I receive to be the center of attention. I get to have ’em all touching with tongue my body. My majority erotic experience was with 3 men–and me. Two of the bucks were ambisexual, and one told he was straight, but one time they gotta working on me, I was so wrapped up in the joy they were giving me, I couldn’t tell–nor did I care–who was stroking, sucking or banging which weenie. As lengthy as all of my needs are met, I am indifferent to everything else that’s going on around me. Do you want to stroke on my feet? Just as long as u take care of all of my needs, I do not actually care what you do.”

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Fiction & Articles – Bared Soles -The Origin Of The Feetsies

My dear lady-killer Leg Sexers:
I have been obedient ever since I can remember. Some people say that comes from having a powerful, controlling Mom, but that wasn’t the case in my childhood home. My Mother was the archetypical ’50s housewife. This babe did not work out side the home and, as they say, you could eat off the floors, her housekeeping was so immaculate. This babe always had dinner prepared for my father when that smooth operator came home from work, and that babe was always immaculately dressed in the latest fashions, complete with pantyhose and heels, and immaculate hair and make-up at all times.

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Video Shorts – Madison Claire – Paint it Black

Madison Claire is lonely and depressed. She wishes a admirable, foot-loving boy to rubdown lotion on her legs and blow on her freshly painted toenails. Won’t you assist her out?

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 80 images of Kianna Dior

Kianna got to action out her dominating dreams in the movie Leg Sex Diaries in which that babe dons some hot-pink platform bootlets just to have a devoted foot fancier lick ’em clean in advance of this babe delivers him a true pornstar foot job. For Kianna, it was just another day of delicious sex! “I’ve always been a bit pervy,” that babe flaunts. “When I was a teen living in Vancouver, I’d take my hubby to the peep display booths, drop some coins in the slot, look at the movie scene and copulate him right there. I loved how indecent that felt–like I was not supposed to be watching the immodest movie scene, much less having sex in the adult clip store. I still love being very naughty!”

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