Video Shorts – April Malone – Shiny Shoes and Hose

Ever wonder what it would be like if your girlfriend was indeed into hose and shoes? Well, April wishes to be your girlfriend for a little during the time that at least. Go on, surprise her by coming home early. She’s got some surprises for u!

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 80 images of Gia Jordan

Are u as wild in real life as u are in your films? “Yes! I joined a sorority just to be around beauties I could share glamorous things like corsets and shoes with. I likewise joined to fuck the beauties! Deviant urges have always been with me for as lengthy as I can remember. No one told me that they existed, but that by no means stopped me from thinking that way! When I was a stripper in high-school, I had this naughty habit of turning normal, regular gals onto stripping!”

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Video Shorts – Samantha Starr – Mow Her Toe!

Samantha is not cheerful that that babe has to mow the lawn. That is your job! But she just might let you smell her perspired socks and sneakers if u ask very nicely.

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 31 images of Claire & Janet

Leg Sex was born in 1997, and in the August issue of that year, we caught the Sapphic antics of long-limbed Clair and Janet, 2 European glamour models who were in South Beach, Florida, to shoot a music episode. The pair hadn’t met previous to their able booking, but to hear ’em tell, it was craving at 1st sight. For a during the time that, they were the toast of Miami, hitting undress clubs and enticing everybody as they wrapped their long legs around each other on the dance floor. But they saved the real show for their private times. “I love to toe-fuck Janet,” blonde Clair displays. “I rub my baby-soft toes against her love button and bring her to wild agonorgasmos after agonorgasmos. Of course, she returns the favor-sometimes, we make love all night lengthy!”

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 80 images of Dasani

“Do you want to know my secret? Come in close, so I can whisper it in your ear. I like to smell underclothing, handsome men’s and captivating women’s underclothes, after they’ve been wearing it the whole day. The smellier, the sweatier, the more awesome. The scent is so gripping, it makes me wanna screw! I too have an obsession with asses, on the one and the other males and hotties. I watch a worthwhile, round booty and I receive mad, aggressive! I just need to have it, and I’ll do everything to get it. I get very controlling and demanding, and won’t stop until I get what I urge. Some people are turned off by my passion–not u, I hope.”

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Video Shorts – Jillian Foxxx – Jillian Needs a Rub

Hard-bodied aged looker Jillian would like u to rub some lotion on her legs-and her feet. She’d too like to tell u about how much that babe loves to have these tootsies sucked and caressed. Jillian would like to brandish and tell u many things, so initiate watching and listening now!

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 70 images of Belle Morte

Photographed by leg adult model icon-turned-lenslady Ingela, bewitching Belle is a burlesque performer and model who lives just as she photographs. “I have an extensive wardrobe which includes LOTS OF shoes, vintage corsets, custom clothing, latex, pin-up clothing… I could go on forever. Life is about exploring and I explore a lot.” It is been delightsome exploring u, Belle!

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Fiction & Articles – Foot Chase

Huggins ordered a second wedge of pie. I shifted my eyes over to the greasy window front of the roadside diner. What crimes were being committed out there in the Arizona darkness, I wondered.

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Video Shorts – Ashlynn Brooke – High Heeled Hootchie

From the top of her pretty golden-haired head to the tattoo on her foot, lovely tease Ashlynn Brooke wants to entice you. You’d better let her!

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Leg Sex December 2006 – 70 images of Abi Thomas

“Good angels go to heaven, but bad beauties go everywhere,” purrs angelic-faced Abi, who has a devilish streak a mile wide. “I know when u view me, you assume, with my golden-haired hair and blue eyes, that I’m a pleasant virginal. And that is just what I crave u to make almost certainly of! ‘cuz one time I’ve got u below my spell, you will have hell to pay-to me! U will do my bidding when and where I bid it. I am truly into making a fellow prove his devotion by doing silly things, like wearing my knickers in public. Or my red, bikini bottoms. Imagine how they’d feel under your business dress!”

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Video Shorts – Kyla Lily – Pretty as a Beach

Do u like to view leggy angels in high heels smoke and play in the sand on the beach? Do you like to view them rub their feet and bare cunts? Then you’ll actually, truly like Kyla Lilly!

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