Simone Ray – Fancy Fantasy

Fancy Dream

Fancy Fantasy

Simone Ray is your fantasy woman ‘coz that babe likes to costume up in expensive lingerie and put on a slow soles undress tease for your throbbing 10-Pounder. She starts off caressing her gloves all over her gams, takes one strappy heel off and then makes you await, teasing and playing with her shoes and toes ‘cuz this babe knows how badly you desire it. You’ll adore the closeups of her wrinkled soles and her feet. Once this babe removes her shoes, the straps leave marks on her legs. That babe urges u to ease the sting of them with your tongue. One lengthy and languid striptease later and she’s stuffing her succulent bawdy cleft with a sex tool, curling her toes for u and begging you to cum on her feet. It is quite the brandish. Then this babe rubs her slit juice all over her toes so u can take up with the tongue it off. What a valuable lady, actually.

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Stacy Adams – Bare-Legged Boss Female-dominant

Bare-Legged Boss Female

Bare-Legged Boss Lady

Stacy Adams is no one to be trifled with. That babe treats her guys love foul and this babe treats the assist even worse. That babe is used to everyone obeying her commands, so when this babe spies her maid Jade’s bare legs, that babe commands her to drop down and suck her toes. What ensues is Stacy’s whole domination of Jade, down to instructing her on how they are plan to shag every other with a double-headed sextoy while mouthing every other’s toes. It’s delightfully sexual and very domme-oriented act. A must-see for you foot-boys who adore to be said what to do.

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Jade Skye – Mocha Woman and Servant

Mocha Lady and Servant

Mocha Lady and Servant

When Ms. Adams hired her new maid, Jade, it was not cuz she came with fine references or even cuz she had any cleaning experience. It was ‘coz the minute this babe saw this leggy, swarthy stunner, this babe knew that that babe had to have her. It was only a few days into her employment that Stacy had Jade resigned, exposed and sprawled out on the dining room floor.

Although Jade acted coy and clumsy around her recent female, this babe had ulterior motives for her timid facade. U watch, Jade had always wanted to be dominated by a lady and this babe had heard from various sources that Ms. Adams loved to dole out punishments to her subs. Jade knew that it was only a matter of time before she was at the lenience of her nasty and lustful employer. So, when Ms. Adams ordered her to disrobe and eat her wet crack, Jade was merely likewise pleased to oblige.

It was not long before taskmaster and servant were the one and the other naked and writhing on the floor. When Ms. Adams told Jade that she wanted to stretch her fur pie wide with her jock, Jade feigned innocence. But Ms. Adams knew that one time that babe slipped her sex-toy into Jade’s constricted seize, she would moan and squeal with delight and this babe was right. One time she banged her maid, she tossed her uniform at her and told her to clean the mess up and be ready for some other thorough screwing previous to dinnertime. Jade simply curtsied and obediently followed instructions, all the whilst anticipating the rogering to come.

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Bibette Blanche – Racy In Red

Racy In Red

Racy In Red

Sultry Bibette Blanche is wearing brand-new red shoes and frilly red underware that that babe is plan to lazily disrobe off while you view with your rod in your hand. She wishes her legs rubbed and feet massaged. Are you intend to worship her soles and her constricted calves? Are you the candidate for the job? See as she gropes her toned and tight gams and then takes off her crimson stiletto sandals, giving you a footsie brandish. Then her volunteer, an flexible thrall who knows how to rub her legs and feet puts lotion on her weary peds, squeezing ‘em and massaging ‘em while this babe plays with herself. That woman chaser rubs down her haunches during the time that this babe fingers her gash and then he works over her a-hole and hamstrings during the time that this babe writhes in ecstasy, humping her fingers until that babe cums. Everyone knows that old women are mellow and willing for leg play, so what are you awaiting for? Display Bibette how much you adore her.

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Savannah Pleasing – Pleasing In Blue

Pleasing In Blue

Ravishing In Blue

Savannah Sweet is even sweeter than u think. She is the kind of dominatrix-bitch who will scold you and soothe you with her soles right afterwards. She understands that you love her legs, so that babe puts them on show for your viewing pleasure. She knows that you like feet and adore nylon and nylons, so she can’t live without to wear them for you. She’ll accommodate u by keeping one stocking on, and leaving one leg in nature’s garb, if u adore the finest of the one and the other worlds. And that is cuz this soft-spoken sweetie is all about pleasing u. So sit back, chill out and let her do all the work…she likes it that way.

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Savannah Fascinating – Teasing In Teal

Teasing In Teal

Teasing In Teal

“I like to seduce foot lads with my tootsies and legs. My favorite thing to wear is lingerie with nylons and a garter thong because it drives my charmer toys wild! That, paired with my charisma and confident personality, turns bucks into my playthings, and they truly do not mind being my playthings. What truly gets my lovers going is when I tie them down and blindfold ‘em. I only tend to their sense of smell by hovering my feet just above their nose. The aroma is so intoxicating, they can’t quite smack it. They ask for more, but their begging is futile. I am the one in control.”

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Chloe Chanel – Clean My Shoes!

Clean My Shoes!

Clean My Shoes!

There is one thing you need to know in business to acquire ahead…THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. When Chloe displays up at her shoe repairman’s shop and tells him off for not cleaning her shoes properly, this chab tries to disagree at first, but this diminutive tyrant makes him change his tune. Chloe takes him to the back of the shop where this babe commands him to clean her shoes with his throat. Luckily for him, this babe too wishes him to use his face hole on her cookie. Not only does this shopkeeper shag her for all this babe is worth, but this dude also cums on her boots so this babe can rub it in and make ‘em shine. That’s what we call service.

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Chloe Chanel – These Boots Were Made for Banging

Those Boots Were Made for Banging

These Boots Were Made for Fucking

Chloe is usually a nice hotty with a great temperament…until you bonk with her shoes. There is one thing that Chloe loves in life, and that’s a handsome pair of high heels. Whether boot or stiletto, her shoes are her pride and joy. So when this babe takes them to a new shoe repairman and this woman chaser does a shitty job cleaning ‘em, Chloe lays down the law, making him take up with the tongue her boots clean. When that babe sees that that gent is indeed sorry, that babe soothes the sting of her harsh words by letting him coat her pink boots in cum.

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Kyanna Lee – Frisky Feet

Frisky Feet

Frisky Feet

Kyanna Lee is a lustful, little sole floozy who needs her peds spanked and manhandled by a loving footboy love u. This tootsie tramp finds herself alone in the locker room and that babe can’t wait to peel off her stinky socks and acquire her hands on her musky feet. This babe disrobes down to nothing and begins fondelling, massaging and squeezing her frisky feet. She kneads her toes and gets in-between her French-manicured digits for some toe-stretching that will make u jack hard. This babe warns you to keep your distance whilst this babe ploughs her arches with her toy and then that babe uses that toy on her bawdy cleft. With her legs spread and her arches together that babe has a toe-curling climax. Then that babe rubs her juices all over her toes so that you can clean them off with your subservient tongue.

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Brianna Beach – Neighborly Legs

Neighborly Legs

Neighborly Legs

Brianna hates doing chores, so when this babe spies her peeping Tom neighbour looking at her legs with longing in his eyes, this babe gives a decision to put his lust to worthwhile use. This babe tells him to carry her laundry home and then she makes him see her legs strut and sway while this chab toils with his burden. But Brianna is not a cold-blooded lady. That babe repays his work with a little work of her own…by giving him a wicked foot job, oral sex and then straddling his wood for a unfathomable drilling. That babe lets him coat her shrimps with his load ‘cuz she is feeling very neighborly.

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Brianna Beach – Voyeur Next Door

Voyeur Next Door

Voyeur Next Door

Brianna’s neighbor can’t live with out feet. That woman chaser tells her so the minute this ladies man spies her coming down the stairs with her laundry. Making the majority of the opportunity, this chab offers to carry her washing home for her, which is convenient considering this charmer lives next door and has been ogling her for weeks. Luckily for him, this babe lets him enter her bedroom…and then this babe lets him cum all over her feet. Who would have known that folding laundry could make 2 people so hawt for one another?

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