Isabella de la Cruz – Really Can’t live with out Her Shoes

Actually Loves Her Shoes

Really Can't live out of Her Shoes

Isabella loves her shoes…literally. See as this curvaceous Lalin girl gives you a shoe display, trying on all her shoes for your joy. And for her enjoyment, certainly. The more shoes she tries on, the more aroused this thick-legged pleasant becomes. So aroused, in fact, that this babe has to use the heel of her beloved couple to rub her engorged clit. Sounds appealing? Not as adorable as it looks, so check it out.

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Isabella de la Cruz – Lick Her Through Her Hose

Take up with the tongue Her Throughout Her Hose

 Take up with the tongue Her Throughout Her Hose

“I adore my legs,” says spicy Lalin girl, Isabella. “Sometimes I have dreams about tons of fellows caressing my legs at one time. Some of them are licking with tongue my toes and some of ’em are biting my legs, but all of ’em are on their knees and worshiping me. One of ’em even eats me out, but through some tights. I love the idea of tights ‘cuz I feel undressed, but I am still overspread up. Love they can’t get all of me through that barrier. It’s very sexual.”

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Krista Kaslo – Hunger For Excitement

Hunger For Excitement

Hunger For Passion

“I am a woman with a voracious hunger for excitement and satisfaction. ‘cuz I am sexually aggressive, I’m love a tigress, stalking my prey so I can make him my next meal. That means that I don’t sit around and await for the smooth operator I wanna come to me. That means that I put on my shortest petticoat and my greatest stilettos and I go hunting for him. The priceless thing about the company that I work for is that they have a warehouse full of beefy, virile studs who I can entice and have sex with all day! This time around, I enticed one of the crew I have been watching for weeks. I was sent into the warehouse to look over some of his work and it was the consummate opportunity to pounce. I gave him a worthy observe my lengthy, in nature’s garb legs and then I bared my gracious milk sacks, and when he fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot.”

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Brandon Jes – Seduction Brandish

Seduction Unveil

Seduction Show

Even the toughest, controlling diva cant do it all on her own. Not without using a sexy couple of cock-stomping high heels. That’s why dark brown looker Brandon tries on numerous pairs of pumps and stilettos previous to this babe walks all over her sub lover with her nylon-covered feet and her pointy heels. This siren likes to give him a unveil. This babe may be giving him enjoyment by letting him check out her strut and by stamping her piggies by his face, but Brandon also receives a unfathomable sense of satisfaction knowing that that babe is the only female who can put this heel lady-killer in his place. The thought of owning his strapon with her dominance receives her lascivious and one time she can feel her bawdy cleft dripping, that babe is willing for him to serve her with his throat. This babe shoves her toes inside his expecting fellatio cavity and orders him to engulf her off adore a fine, little slave.

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Giselle Humes – Eat My Feet

Eat My Feet

Eat My Feet

Giselle is the type of female who can’t live with out to spend time in the kitchen, but that babe doesn’t mind spending time on her knees, either. That’s, of course, as lengthy as u take your time worshiping her feet and legs. View her splodge with these pastries so that her paramour can take up with the tongue her toes clean. These sticky, enjoyable feet look yummy. Although this babe demands that her feet be suckled, toyed with and fingered prior to sex, this works in her lover’s favor cuz it just makes her cum-hole extra juicy and slippery for his schlong. If you look closely, u will notice that Giselle’s toes are curled in appreciation of how her stud’s stiff ding-dong is pummeling her core. The longer that fellow strokes her fur pie with his pecker, the wilder that babe becomes, screaming for him to coat her soles with his seed. And when he does, Giselle licks her lips in anticipation of licking her tootsies clean afterwards.

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Max Mikita – Sex In the VIP

Sex In the VIP

Sex In the VIP

“When I dance, it’s not the money that motivates me. It’s the attention that I get from the fellows who come and look at me shake and sway. I adore that they are 100% wrapped up in watching my body and that they are aroused by what they see. Each now and then I will get a patron who cant prevent staring at my legs and I’ll know right away that that smooth operator is one of these special studs who wanna touch my legs and feet and cover them in cum. I treat that customer to a wonderful time and let him ravish me from the waist down in the VIP room. Once this chab has had his fill of my legs, I bow over and widen my gazoo cheeks so that he can fill my tight backdoor with his penis, likewise. My feet might give him enjoyment, but no thing gives me pleasure love having a hard dong slip into my backside.”

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Eva Gomez – Hands-On Boss

Hands-On Boss

Hands-On Boss

Eva Gomez is a warehouse manager who likes to acquire her hands immodest and stock shelves and move boxes with the studs. On this particular day, her mission is to break in the fresh stock lad Ramon, so that babe wears a dunky skirt and her greatest heels so this chab can receive a great up-skirt look at her legs and massive can whilst this babe is on the ladder. When this babe falls right into his lap, literally, she brushes against his humongous erection and figures that since this babe has already stocked boxes, it is time to rock his package. This babe has sex with him on the warehouse floor and even lets him put his meat-thermometer in her ass. But when Ramon is about to cum, that babe asks him to smear his sauce on her feet, ‘cuz this babe knows where that babe craves his tribute.

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Dede Lopez – Heel Lad

Heel Charmer

Heel Boy

“There’s something about being in pantyhose that gets me really sexy. At home I squeeze into a pair of nylons and nothing else. I roll around in different poses so my like button rubs on the crotch patch. I have ruined many pairs of hose by ripping out the cookie guard after I have wet it so I can smell my cum. Then I scratch the silky fabric on my legs as I ram my freed cum-hole with a vibrator. The agonorgasmos that follows is volcanic. After I’m done I’ll wipe my wet crack up with the stockings and save them for later. Sometimes I wear ’em one time more. I’ve at not time disclosed this to anyone previous to, so if you see me with a stain on my stockings, now you’ll know where it came from.”

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Puma Swede – Do not Bonk With Puma…Unless U Wish Her To Fuck U UP!

Do not Bonk With Puma…Unless You Urge Her To Copulate U UP!

Don't Copulate With Puma...Unless U Want Her To Screw You UP!

Puma doesn’t take any shit from anyone. She’s all business, whether she’s in the office or in the bedroom massaging your schlong with her feet. When a lover or an employee is insubordinate she will display them who’s boss. This golden-haired bombshell will crush you with her fishnet-clad haunches and cradle your rod betwixt her six-inch heels. It nearly makes you crave to action up so that she’ll castigate u. Let her take control. She’s so damn worthy at it.

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Kitty Langdon – Clean My Pipes!

Clean My Pipes!

Clean My Pipes!

Kitty is a maid at a seedy hotel. It is the kind of place where people go to have illicit trysts and remain anonymous. This babe usually never sees any of the patrons who frequent the place coz they are lengthy gone before this babe goes into their rooms to clean. That is, until the one day that she was cleaning a room and realized that there was a charmer watching her from the bath. This babe was caught off guard, but there was something about him that rendered her helpless. That babe wanted to submit to him. That’s why when this chab strided over to her, that babe began to undo her hair from its taut coil. This smooth operator ran his fingers through it and then smelled it. “I want to touch you,” this chab told her. “I want to be touched, sir,” she replied. And so their game of slavemaster and servant began. This man had his way with her, worshiping her feet and pummeling her twat with his hardness. By the time that lady-killer came all over her shoes, that babe was ravished. Then this buck got dressed and checked out. And Kitty, spent the day with his cum all over her shoes as a reminder of her indiscretion.

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Harmony – The Morning After…

The Morning After…

The Morning After...

One time Harmony has had her way with her lover, this babe can’t live out of to don his shirt and walk around his apartment in her stockings and heels. This babe uses his golf exotic dancing clubs, even though this ladies man said her not to touch them. That babe does this to remind him that that babe doesn’t follow any man’s rules. That babe is in charge. This smooth operator might object, but this gent secretly likes to look at her break his rules. This chab watches her from the other room, silently wishing that this babe was trampling his meat-thermometer with her heels and telling him what to do. And Harmony knows he is watching. That’s why that babe tanalises him with a disrobe reveal that ends with her widening her haunches and her muff lips open wide. This babe enjoys knowing that despite his objections, her lover is yanking on his schlong in the other room to her every move.

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