Kelly Leigh – Hose-Wearing Sissy Boy!

Hose-Wearing Sissy Dude!

Hose-Wearing Sissy Lad!

Kelly’s a seamstress who works closely with the police vigour, altering their uniforms and making sure that their trousers fit snugly and properly. Imagine her surprise when a macho cop comes in wearing tights under his trousers. But rather than be turned off, this cop’s kinky side turns Kelly on. Afterall, that babe has always had a thing for nylon. Seeing this cop’s package secured snugly in this mesh is love a dream cum true for deviant Kelly, who loves foot play almost as much as this babe can’t live without dudes in hose. Check out her screw this young cop until this chab pops his load off in her throat.

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Kelly Leigh – Serious Panty Offense

Serious Panty Offense

Serious Strap Offense

Officers are supposed to protect and serve, but what happens when one of the bucks behind the shield is sporting a couple of undressed colored hose below his uniform? Maybe this lady-killer who is supposed to uphold the law is just looking for a little bit of discipline. Maybe that smooth operator is tapping in to his sensitive side. One thing is for sure: Kelly Leigh wants to tap that ass, and lady-killer does that babe! This babe has this cop on his knees and engulfing her feet in no time. This babe even ties her nylons around his penis in advance of this woman chaser slips it in her moist cookie. Kelly makes sure that this sissy cop is brought to justice!

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Jillian Foxxx – Older Woman, Recent Shoes

Mature Woman, New Shoes

Older Woman, New Shoes

“In my run of the mill life, I am quite conservative,” says cougar, Jillian Foxxx. “I costume in very plain clothing and I rarely try to attract attention. But there’re times, when I’m all alone, that I want to receive dressed up in wanton, provocative attractive clothes and let loose. That is why I was so slutty to get these fresh shoes. They just scream wild and slutty sex. And when I put ‘em on, I felt like some other female-dom…a loose and sexually excited shoe doxy. I couldn’t assist but touch my cum-hole and make myself cum with ‘em. The way the leather and the straps felt made me wanna cum so inflexible that I screamed and moaned love a banshee. And watching myself in the mirror sent me over the edge.”

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Rose Red – Ped Peeper

Ped Peeper

Ped Peeper

What fellow can resist candy pink toenails on a couple of perfectly pedicured feet? Not he, and Rose uses that to her full advantage. She uses her tootsies to tempt him into tonguing her soles and engulfing on one as well as the other of her large toes at the same time. This chab works his way up to her moist love tunnel and laps away. Rose is glad with this compliant foot puppy, so she crams her arches around his shlong for a poolside ped pounding. Then this babe leads him inside for a sloppy, sensual blow job. With her toes pointed str8 in the air, that babe takes his rigid prick into her bonkers cunt. The seductive redhead diddles her clit to a loud, groaning big O. She’s so turned on that that babe lets him shag her a-hole! That guy shoots his goo in her chocolate hole for a leaking anal creampie. Rose is red hawt!

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Rose Red – Red Hawt

Red Hot

Red Hot

Rose is a mastix with many talents. Growing up, she danced and played soccer and volleyball. “I’m very pliant due to all my years in sports,” this babe said. Although one time a tomboy, these days Rose fully embraces her femininity. “I love to spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking. I’ll often wear heels during the time that I do it to feel hot.”

Adore almost all vixens, Rose desires to feel craved. So that babe does her majority precious to build up the anticipation and lust. “If I have a petticoat chaser over I will often cook for him in just my underwear, so he can sit there and crave me. Visually he’s getting lustful from seeing my body. Then I feed him the charming food I have made, so his sense of smack has been aroused. I know next he’ll wanna touch me, so I’ll let him give me a foot rub. If I like what that Lothario does, I might let him know what it is adore to have my soles wrapped around his rod.”

Sometimes things can receive a little dirty in the kitchen. U see, sometimes Rose can’t live with out to squish things betwixt her toes, and that handsome cupcake becomes a treat for her feet. “I know it’s a strange thing to be into, but I guess your browsers will be expert to understand. I have always liked to engulf my own toes. So one day I got the idea to put chocolate on my feet and suck it off. I liked it so much that I just knew I had to try it with a smooth operator. But not just any boy…the right lad. Anybody who truly likes feet and odd stuff adore that. I have one friend who I’ll do that with occasionally, but I’d adore some more.”

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Jade Knight – Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

“I don’t normally tempt males, but ever since I detected my love of nylons and frilly underware I feel so empowered that I detect myself seducing bucks left and right. I adore to invite ‘em over for tea or some drinks and then come out in my sexy outfits and parade around for ‘em, flashing them some love tunnel or even my meatballs. Some of them take the hint when I begin touching my feet and stripping off my nylons and they engulf my toes or slap their rods on my soles. But my beloved is when they let me wrap my stockings around their weenies and jerk them off until they cum all over me. It’s so sexy to make a ladies man cum using solely your hand and some wispy, naughty material.

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Jordan Kingsley – Dominating Divas

Masterful Divas

Dominant Divas

Jordan loves obedience and she can’t live with out to bring studs pleasure with her gams. That is why in this game of fun, she calls all the shots. Donning her sexiest dominatrix attire, Jordan seizes matters in her own hands and takes her stud to heel. When her inactive boyfriend plops down on the daybed for one more lengthy night of T.V. watching, that babe lays down the law. That babe punishes him by making him lick her shoes and feet and then instructs him to taste her core. Sometimes, in instruct to get a dude to worship you and appease your hunger for gratification, you need to be stern with him. Judging by the size of his load, it appears to be Jordan’s partner has learned his lesson.

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Jordan Kingsley – A Lesson In Respect And Worship

A Lesson In Respect And Worship

A Lesson In Respect And Worship

Sometimes, in command to get a man to worship u and appease your hunger for gratification, a dominatrix have to take matters into her own hands and take a woman chaser to heel. When Jordan’s idle partner plops down on the ottoman for some other lengthy night of T.V. watching, this babe decides that that babe has had enough. This babe dons her sexiest dominatrix-bitch attire and teaches him a lesson in respect and worship.

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Katja Kassin – Seedy Motel Sex

Seedy Motel Sex

Seedy Motel Sex

Katja needs some attention so that babe puts on her wanton red lipstick and calls a serf to come service her. When he arrives, they play erotic foot and shoe games with her red heels during the time that a TV set silently flickers white noise. That babe puts her lips and lipstick all over his weenie, slurping on it loudly and getting it ready to permeate her core. Then it is time for sex and they are one as well as the other frenzied with crave. Her paramour thrusts his hard-on inside her and that babe studs wildly. Now her gazoo beckons. When that gent crams his shaft into her constricted rectal hole, Katja purrs with delight. At Motel Voyeur, people can be as freaky as they wanna be out of censure or restrictions. It is a place that Katja can call home.

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Katja Kassin – Sex With A Stranger

Sex With A Stranger

Sex With A Stranger

When Katja books a room for her stay at the Motel Voyeur, it is ‘coz that babe knows that her room comes with one amenity that others don’t: It’s a safe haven for her most-erotic fantasy. U watch, Katja has always dreamt of having leg sex in a seedy motel with a stranger. That babe knows that this motel is just the place to fulfill her deepest wishes. That babe checks in and acquires stripped. The excitement of having a sordid affair is likewise much; Katja is pretty soon masturbating and painting her erect nipples with red lipstick.

One time that babe becomes crazed with lust and want, Katja picks up the phone and starts dialing strangers’ numbers hoping that one of them will come and satiate her have to cum. When Jarrod hears her groans of fun on the line, that charmer cannot resist her. This chab comes to her room and Katja gives herself to him, letting him worship her toes, soles and fur pie before whispering that that babe needs his knob to stretch her chocolate hole wide so that babe can cum.

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Lynn Like – Sole Whore

Sole Floozy

Sole Slut

“Sometimes I think that my feet need to be connected to my twat,” told gymnast Lynn, giggling. “I know it sounds crazy, but the minute a Lothario tickles or plays with my feet, I go barmy! I must kick off caressing my feet on him while I rub my areolas ‘cuz I receive so concupiscent. I adore it when a lad sucks on my toes, likewise. His tongue in betwixt my little piggies is love his tongue right on my adore button. It makes my vagina drip. Not a lot of boyz are into feet adore I’m, but when I discover one who desires to touch and suck them love I love, I will let him do whatsoever this chab wishes to me. He can fuck my feet and my pussy. Sometimes I acquire so turned on that I ask him to fuck my arse. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it, either. As lengthy as this smooth operator and I feel nice, that is all that matters.”

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